Pros and Cons of WWE Summerslam 2016

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Oasis, today I will be bringing you the PROS and CONS of WWE Summerslam, WWEs party in the summer! Brief intro done! Let’s just do this thing!

First match we’ll get into is the first match of the kickoff show. Yes we’re gonna do those as well because I feel if we didn’t, this show would be rather depressing. And the evening kicked off with a rather entertaining 12-man tag team match. The Vaudevillains looked dapper might I say! Anyway, this was a classic case of 12 talents showcasing themselves in a match that they might not otherwise be involved in, it was actually a rather solid kickoff show-quality match, even hinting to some nice story building between the Usos and American Alpha. I sense a heel turn in one team’s future. Anyway, for that, I’ll rate this match a PRO.

Next we go to Neville/Zayn vs The Dudley Boyz. Who doesn’t love themselves a lovable underdog? We can say one thing for sure, it wasn’t Brooklyn! The small and fast tandem of Neville and Sami Zayn really seemed to go off without a hitch and the Dudleys really did a great job of putting the young guns over. I’m also anxious to see if anything further comes of these miscues that the Dudley Boyz seem to be suffering from. Are they teasing a split? They very well may be! This is one thing that will definitely keep me watching and for that, plus the fact that I REALLY feel this match should have been on the main card makes this a PRO.

Now time for another match that should have been on the main card. The introdutory match of the best of seven series pitting WWE Universe’s Swiss Superman Cesaro against Sheamus. It was yet another match that proves that Cesaro simply cannot have a bad match. I am convinced. The man is gold and the WWE simply don’t know what they have with the man and its crazy! I do believe that having Sheamus score the first win was the right way to go with the series because as I recall when Booker T had his best of 5 series for the US Title with John Cena, he also scored the first fall. This will allow WWE to build up a nice comeback streak for Cesaro, should they choose to go that way. Regardless of which way they go, this is a PRO for me.

Right! Onto the main card and the show kicked off with Enzo and Cass versus Jeri-KO. If there were any doubts about the length of time that Y2J and KO would be staying together, I think its safe to say that those doubts are long since quashed. The two worked well together, Enzo and Cass had some good spots of their own and overall I feel like either team could have won and I would have went home happy! Its a PRO!

Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks. Sasha’s homecoming of sorts…and apparently a source of bad luck because this is now the second time in a row that she has lost a championship match at the Barclay Center. After selling a great many injuries throughout the match, it felt like Sasha may actually get Charlotte to tap again…only to have her roll over and have Sasha pinned. It was an anti-climactic finish and while I know Sasha is going to be written off TV for a month, I really feel like the match itself underwhelmed. That’s a CON.

The Miz defended his Intercontinental Championship against Apollo Crews. If the purpose was the build Apollo Crews up as a solid contender, WWE really could have done better because this match didn’t make him look good. There really wasn’t much in the way of heel tactics from Miz, except for the one time his wife got involved. I was expecting to see Apollo build up a huge head of steam and either win the belt or get screwed because of heel tactics. But this match didn’t help anyone. CON.

Next match was EASILY the match of the night. AJ Styles vs John Cena. AJ Styles won, and he won CLEAN! Many non-casual wrestling fans will know that if there’s one thing true about John Cena its that clean losses are few and far between; the last one being awarded to Kevin Owens last year. There were many times where I was lead to believe the match could have been over and I really feel like AJ and Cena played their roles really really well. It did make me really happy to see AJ go over and I’m curious to see what happens with John Cena and if taking off the arm band had any sort of symbolism attached to it. PRO!

The Tag Team Title match was one that felt like it was dragged on. First we were treated to monologue from Jon Stewart which went entirely too long, and that’s coming from someone who likes Jon Stewart. This match felt like it was best kept as a 5 minute match ending in a countout due to shenanigans and then have Big E come down and save Jon after that. You would have told a better story and the fans would have probably been happier with that. CON!

Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose next for the WWE World Championship and I really have to say that this match kind of underperformed. You have two talents like this and it felt like they didn’t get to tell the story that they wanted to tell and then the ending was simply anticlimactic. The only way I would say that this turns into a positive is if Dolph completely flips out and turns this into something. Otherwise…how much of what Dean said is actually true? Can we actually deny what he said? Until we have answers to those questions, I have to rate this a CON!

The 6-woman tag team match was honestly the worst of the night. Though it did feature the return of Nikki Bella from possible career-threatening injury, that was pretty much all that was memorable from that match. If I’m moving matches from the kickoff show to the main show, I’d have to do vice versa as well. This is one match I would move to the kickoff show. CON!

Giving an extra CON rating to the design of that GAWD AWFUL WWE Universal Championship. What is that? A fruit rollup? Did someone sneak that out of Eva Marie’s wardrobe? Its a cookie cutter championship and really lazy design on WWE’s part. If the goal was to make a better belt than Smackdowns WWE World Championship, they failed spectacularly. Stop cutting corners guys! Give us something that we can actually care about!

Now I did the Universal Championship separate because the match that determined its holder was actually really good. Its just a shame that the crowd harped too much on the belt throughout the course of the match. I was ok with that the first five minutes but the crowd should have really moved on after that because the match itself was fantastic. We saw the rise of Finn Balor to main event status after being on the main roster for only a month! When was the last time we saw that?! Seth Rollins played his role well in that match and had some really awesome moves, and after the night was over really took it to the fans for their reactions and honestly, I can’t say I blame him. But hopefully he can take solace in the fact that he and Finn had one of the best matches of the night and will probably have another one at Night of Champions. PRO.

The next match? DIDN’T HAPPEN! Because someone decided that it was a good idea to have Rusev attack Roman Reigns before the match began thereby causing Roman to decide that he wanted to bloody MURDER the guy! Because nothing says babyface like a complete beatdown of the US Champion. Right. Looking at you Vince. Move this to the Kickoff show next time. CON.

Tonight’s Feature contest pit Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar and what started as a suplex train ended in a bloody heap as about 15-ish minutes in, Brock decided he had enough and decided to beat the unholy piss out of The Viper, causing him to have a laceration so huge that it took 12 staples just to close it back up again. After the match, Shane would try to tend to his superstar and would get F5'ed for his Troubles, much to Paul Heyman’s horror. And I’m sitting here thinking…what was the point of that? Why was this the main event and not Rollins/Balor? Or why not Styles/Cena? I mean I can tell you why it was done this way, its to write Brock off TV again. But those other questions? We’ll never know. CON.

PROs: 6 CONs: 8 TOP SCORE: 43%

So that’s all I had! Do you agree with the points I made? I’d love to hear from you guys! So thank you very much, you just spent a day at the Oasis, hope you had a fantastic day and I will see you next time!

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