We can’t say “Well I didn’t see it…” when it comes to black lives dying. Here’s why.


Hey there everyone and welcome to the Oasis! Today’s topic is one near and dear to my heart and that is the equal treatment of human beings. Quick intro done, now let’s dive in to it!

Full Disclosure ahead of time: I believe victims. I believe that when someone says something awful happened in their life that it actually happened. Especially in cases of sexual assault. I believe that it we as a culture do too much to encourage what is known as rape culture, something that glorifies rape and acts as if it is a common occurrence. I believe that is wrong, I believe that is something that needs to be changed and I believe that we need to do more to encourage victims to come forward and not be afraid of being called a whore or a slut. These poor people need to be able to live their lives.

Are there liars? Of course there are and anyone who would lie about being raped or assaulted are terrible people who take away from anyone who actually suffered from these kind of events. However, we need to find a way to deal with these cases without alienating people who suffered from these traumas.

Another Full Disclosure: I believe that Black Lives Matter. That people who say “All Lives Matter” are missing the point that whenever a black person is unjustifiably murdered, largely nobody bats an eye. The general plight of the movement is one that I greatly sympathize with. The loss of life is terrible and calling attention to these cases is very much necessary.

One of the criticisms I have heard from certain people who I won’t name because I’m not going to start a witch hunt is whenever I name any of the victims of these circumstances, your Eric Garners, your Sandra Blands, your Tamir Rices, one thing I’m often told is “well you weren’t there. so you don’t know”. I wasn’t there?

I keep hearing it, and all it does is confuse me. What if we applied that logic to other scenarios? And that is why I made my disclosure earlier. This is something I don’t want to have to do, but I do think that I have to do it. One of the people I talked about, was raped. I believe them. But what if instead of believing them, I instead turned to them and said “well I didn’t see it, so how do I know it actually happened?” That sounds horrible doesn’t it? It sounds absolutely shitty. No victim or rape or domestic violence should be told that.

So why are we allowed to do this for any other cases? Its wrong. Tamir Rice was shot in 12 seconds for merely holding a BB gun and not aiming it at anybody. Sandra Bland was arrested for a traffic stop and died in prison. Eric Garner was choked to death.

It doesn’t matter what lead to these deaths, what matters is they died. Unjustly. And they, and many others, deserve justice. We deserve a police force that de-escalates rather than shoots on sight. We deserve a justice system that doesn’t jail non-violent offenders for longer than a child molester. We need a change in this country. It all needs to stop.

I don’t think my normal outro is going to cut it for this one so I’m just gonna say if you have a comment on this, feel free to leave it down in the comments below. Thank you for reading this.

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