Update: wanted to share a story about a Machine Learning Engineer candidate. He’s working on an Open AI challenge to try create a #funnybot.

His first iteration generated a joke that seems to have come out of an absurdist, jabberwockian alternate reality.

Why work of a Stimb where you have callly a Two? When the immid at the betiided.

His second iteration generated some doozies too!

After 22k batches processed:

Dad are covered in people. The car has runs a wife because they’re going comed out uncomfortable. An Englishman manages to tell it of their Arisines planning. Our entire football king Original husband was a treiny minister. He pulled the night and said the bear had fit on the bathroom the moak. Some bartender asks, “why?” “Here!” said the kleered. “Those watch!” He explains. “Do you think I’ll tell her!” “Beyond five weeks she gives it home with the Colve. And regleted your eyes”

After 34k batches processed:

His lemon was going to die off. “Call me your life,” said the man. “You’re like xhit.” The third man’s rabbit answered. “I guess it wouldn’t do it in the wrong pain down to Eastern. How do you want, get all my shorts?” As he got the bus, the first and boss, and went on a wo

After 47k batches processed, the ai became a little nihilistic:

Q: What do you really eat?A: He realized it’s barely happy.

Johanan Ottensooser

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Customer Success @ Datalogue. Fintech @ KWM. Cornell Tech LLM v1.