OAZIZ Ecosystem

What is Megaverse?

Megaverse is a place where people come together to Live, Work, Shop, and Play. From social lounges to educational centers and sports zones, the digital experiences in our metaverse are the most realistic ever built.

Built completely on Unreal Engine 5, Megaverse is the first hyper-realistic, multipurpose metaverse platform that caters to gamers, brands, multinations and government entities.

How are we collaborating?

OAZIZ ecosystem, like the Megaverse, depends on the community. It is founded on transparency and faith. We also believe that Megaverse and OAZIZ collaboration will be advantageous to both communities because we share similar guiding principles! Follow Megaverse on Twitter and give this Medium piece a thumbs up to support our partnership.


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Xandar is a Play-to-Earn adventure and arena-based game that combines the concepts of an MMORPG with a MOBA. It was developed on the BSC Network and uses the Octa Attributes system. It offers players an amazing experience with high-quality graphics. It is a game where players can combine their adventure and battle skills to win real amazing rewards in the form of NFTs and game tokens.

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OAZIZ Ecosystem

OAZIZ Ecosystem

Equality between physical and digital worlds.