2015: A Year in Review

2015 was a big year. From reaching a historic global climate agreement and preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon to ensuring millions more Americans have health insurance and making marriage equality a reality for all, we’ve seen a lot of important progress that’s worth remembering.

Americans also shared in some more personal moments with the President, like when he walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge 50 years after the first marches from Selma to Montgomery. Or when he sang Amazing Grace in honor of those who lost their lives to gun violence in Charleston, South Carolina. Or when he launched his own Twitter and Facebook accounts to share personal messages on stories that touched millions across the country and reflected who we are as a people.

Whether it’s the best posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube or unforgettable moments with the First Lady or the Vice President, you’ll find all of the best ways to remember 2015 right here. So take a look back at some of the most memorable moments of the year that meant so much for the American people, for President Obama, and for all of us here at the White House.

Then stay tuned for what the President has in store for his final year in office. After all, it’s the fourth quarter of his presidency and, as he said, “interesting stuff happens in the fourth quarter.”

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