Behind the Lens: My Year on Instagram 2015

By Pete Souza, Chief Official White House Photographer

Throughout the year, I post photographs of my White House work on a regular basis to my Instagram, @PeteSouza.

Many followers have inquired about whether a certain photograph is taken with an iPhone or DSLR (digital single lens reflex camera). In choosing the photographs for my year on Instagram, I decided to select only iPhone photographs that were captured in the square format on an iPhone. For many purists, the square format was the original inspiration for Instagram. And I certainly admire those that continue to post only square photos taken with a smart phone.

My approach to my Instagram feed continues to be all square photos are taken with an iPhone, and full-frame horizontals and verticals are taken with a DSLR (usually a Canon 5DMark3, but I’ve also posted some from Sony, Nikon and Leica cameras).

Many followers have also asked if I post the photographs and captions myself. Yes, I do — and I try to read as many of your comments as I can and answer your questions. (Speaking of comments, thank you to all those who’ve caught typos.)

I hope you enjoy a look at my year on Instagram and stay tuned for our annual Year in Photos — all of which were taken with a DSLR and many of which I also posted to Instagram in their full-frame format. I look forward to sharing more behind-the-scenes photos from 2015 next week and in the meantime, please check out my Instagram and engage in the comments.

Outdoor scenes at the White House.
Bo, left, in the Outer Oval Office and Sunny on the colonnade.
Scenes in the Oval Office including the President’s briefcase and cup of tea.
The Oval Office at dusk.
Snow scenes using the Hipstamatic app.
Bo in the Rose Garden.
Looking south towards the Washington Monument from the Rose Garden.
Sky scenes using the Hipstamatic app.
Scenes on the White House colonnade.
Boarding and disembarking from Air Force One.
Heading out on the road.
The San Mateo-Hayward Bridge, left, and Mount Hood, at right.
Shadows at Nike in Oregon and during an interview in Washington.
Ceremonial events.
Lunch and dessert.
The Easter Bunny and a Secret Service agent.
Sunny and Bo.
Benjamin Franklin and Martin Luther King, Jr.
The color red.
Scenes from the White House kitchen garden.
Sprinkler on the South Lawn and at the kitchen garden.
Bo’s paws and Sunny closeup.
Exiting Air Force One.

The Obama White House

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This account will be maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and will serve as an archive of Obama Administration content.

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