President Obama Names David Recordon as Director of White House Information Technology

By Anita Decker Breckenridge

Last year, the President created the U.S. Digital Service (USDS), a new team comprised of some of the country’s most gifted technologists from America’s top tech companies who are dedicated to improving how government utilizes the power of technology to serve the American people. Working with talented leaders across our agencies, USDS’s engineers, designers, and product managers are helping to solve some of the biggest challenges facing government.
Today, as part of that momentum, the President announced that one of those engineers, David Recordon, will serve as the Director of White House Information Technology, a newly created position that will be responsible for modernizing the White House’s own technology.

David previously served as an Engineering Director at Facebook, and is a widely respected Silicon Valley technologist. At Facebook, he led software engineering teams responsible for company-wide internal productivity tools that enabled staff to create, share and find information efficiently. Over the course of his time at Facebook, David also oversaw teams responsible for open source, engineering education, and the technology behind the company’s human resources, video conferencing, and physical security efforts.

Noting David’s appointment, President Obama said, “In our continued efforts to serve our citizens better, we’re bringing in top tech leaders to support our teams across the federal government. Today, I’m pleased to welcome David Recordon as the Director of White House Information Technology. His considerable private sector experience and ability to deploy the latest collaborative and communication technologies will be a great asset to our work on behalf of the American people.”

As Director of White House Information Technology, David will build on the Administration’s Smarter IT Delivery efforts to ensure that the technology utilized by the White House is efficient, effective, and secure. This includes converging overlapping systems, modernizing software used to collaborate, and bringing use of new technologies in line with private sector best practices. This work will both benefit the operations of the White House and also help pave the way for improvements across the Federal government.

To learn more about the Administration’s efforts to improve digital service delivery, visit The U.S. Digital Service.

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