Every crypto start-up comes with its own ideas, plans, workable roadmaps and big plans of being great in the future, but a large number of this start-ups do not even survive a week in the digital market. What really happens to them? According to statistics hundreds of crypto platforms are created on daily basis, which about 85% of them are a total failure, 8% of them grow for a while then fails, 5% of them are stable, leaving just 2% of them successful. The big question now is, what happened to these digital assets, what happens to their investors when they suddenly disappear into thin air?

We are living in a crazy world full of evil-minded people. People who derive pleasure in seeing another brother get hurt. Most of these crypto start-ups meet their untimely end after when they have suffered great loss from the hands of dark web hackers, some of the start-ups are scams programmed by scammers just to meet their selfish needs.

Being an investor, how do you tend to abstain from this scam related issue? The solution to this problem is not really as easy as what you might be thinking right now. Investing in a token that has an existing product is a very nice one, this might give you assurance to an extent but it doesn’t really guarantee its complete safety.

Savedroid is a super cool crypto driven platform based in Germany which have been in existence since 2015 and are popularly known for their amazing savedroid smart saving app and AI which enables users to automatically save up for their wishes without thinking about saving. Within their very short period of existence, savedroid has won numerous awards for themselves from the German stock market with an estimated 200k+ trusted and reliable customer base, 97% recommendation rate (this means their users are always satisfied), a whooping 10m+ savings transactions.

Do you know that savedroid is the first ICO of a German stock corporation that follows German legislation and regulation to provide its participants with the highest level of security, this makes it impossible to be a scam. Savedroid has a team of well trained, experienced and dedicated staffs that are professionals in FIN, TECH, AI, & MARKETING EXPERIENCE who work tirelessly in making sure that their customers’ expectations are been met.