10 Classes to start this Summer

It’s rare that the thought of summer as a season spurs anything in us Brit’s other than disappointment and an underwhelming lack of sunshine. Not to mention the unprecedented rainfall that we normally expect. However, the nights are shorter and we have more hours of daylight to do with what we will, which is lovely if you have something to fill those long hours with.

Here are 10 classes that are perfect for the summer season, to get you in the mood and fill those long hot days with something useful. Remember, you’re never too old to stop learning. Learn something worth talking about today with Obby.

Pasta e Basta Italian Cooking Class

On Thursday the 6th of July learn discover the secret art of making fresh pasta at this’Pasta e Basta’ class. In this workshop you will learn to make fresh Tagliatelle and a filled pasta such as Ravioli stuffed with Butternut and Amaretti Biscuits or Tortelloni filled with Seafood. You will also try your hand at different pasta sauces, and learn how to match your sauce with your pasta — a true undiscovered art form!

Perfume Making

Design your own personal fragrance reminiscent of all the things you like most in the world. With experts help learn what works well together, what fragrances sit well as a base and what compliments them the most. This is an opportunity to create potions and lotions the grown up way. Can’t choose what perfume to get for summer? Make your own instead.

London Night Photography

Steve Hedges takes this class on an evening teaching you how to capture London and all its lights in the cover of darkness. Starting at Tower Bridge you are given a crash course on the best spots to make the most out of night photography. Aimed at photography enthusiasts, bring your tripod along if you have one, and capture the city at what we think, is its most magical time.

Wine Tasting with Cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese and wine? One of the world finest combinations. Explore Europe through these two wonderful things with expert guidance and learn all there is to know about these dinner party essentials.

Bloomon Flower Arranging

Spend an hour arranging flowers. How much more summery can you get? These classes include refreshment to keep the creativity flowing and are a great way to learn how to make the most out of those flowers you’ve picked up from the markets. Whether you are planning on opening a florist or just looking for a different table arrangement, these classes are great. Getting married soon? Learn how to make the perfect bouquets to add a personal touch to your special day.

Organic Soap Making Workshop

With this workshop, you not only make your own organic soap, but you take away the knowledge on how to. This means you never again have to buy soap from the shops again. Have you ever looked on the back of a shampoo bottle, and seen all the ingredients? Steer clear of the chemicals and stick to natural stuff with this creative and fun workshop in Fulham. Make a cute gift for friends or family and take home your creations on the day with you.

Urban Photography Workshop

Another perfect for the photography enthusiasts. From the beginning to the end give your photos the full urban journey, making the most of the environment we live in and learning how to edit them afterward to create striking images anyone could be proud of.

Spanish Tapas Class

Learn from the best as the Avenue Cookery Schools’ Spanish chef takes you on a journey of the delicious cuisine, not only teaching you the basics of cooking it but all the top tips about presentation and preparation making sure you know how to prepare a feast fit for a Spanish king. Show off to your family and friends your worldly knowledge after taking this class you are sure to be an expert in the field of the world’s favourite sharing cuisine.

Guilt-Free Sweet Treats

Not a lot has to be said about this class once you see this photo. Learn how to make these delicious peanut brownies and other delicious recipes without having to worry about naughty ingredients. We know everyone’s watching their figure in summer but everyone deserves a treat every now and then (or every day.) Bake the ultimate dairy free, gluten free, and free of refined sugar, cakes and snacks to impress your friends without any of the ‘I’m on a diet’ refusals. Imagine how much your office would love you if you brought these in on a Friday!

Beginners Water Colour Class

Tea and Crafting are putting on this gorgeous class which is fully provided for and aimed at beginners. Literally, all they ask is you turn up with a smile. Capture the gorgeous hues of summertime in the art of paintings most beloved technique

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