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This article was originally published on my blog.

I’ve learned that the biggest difference between someone that has mastered a language, framework or tool and someone who hasn’t lies in the mental models they use. One person will have a clear and advanced one and the other will not.

By having a good mental model you can intuitively understand complex problems and device solutions much faster than if you had to find a solution with a step-by-step process.

I work with React every day and I’m constantly finding solutions to challenging problems. I can do that by having good mental models around React. …

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The time we’ve got in our hands is so scarce at times that it is frustrating. To let go of things you love, just to make some space for the things you might have a lesser love for, but that has more value in general.

It is hard to understand if there is really little time when you see giants creating a rock empire in the same time a kid needs to make a sand castle that is going to be washed away with the next tidal wave.

And most of us stand in the middle, thinking of our clicking time as an unstoppable train, going forward and forward without any stops, once you pay your ticket and you get in, better to get comfy because… this is all there is and ever will be. …

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We draw meaning from anything we can find. Our titles, our possessions, our friends, our past and our possible future are all bragging rights. We shine a light upon our morals and beliefs as if to say “this is who I am, this is why I matter!”.

We’re obsessed with meaning. With being important, with being someone. But who? Who should we be and why?

It’s always been this way.

We need to define who we are in relation to everyone else around us. We need to know where we belong and if we fit in. …

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What do you think of if I ask you about the Middle Ages? I imagine most people as farmers. Images of kings, crusades, The Plague and utter poverty come to mind. The Dark Ages come to mind too. The most powerful of times for the Catholic Church.

The Dark Ages started at the end of the 5th century and lasted for about 300 years, they’re most known for forcing scientists to comply with religious dogma. Labeling anyone that didn’t comply with “the scripture teachings” as heretics; throwing them in jail or burning them at the pyre. …

When there is time, we think
When the rush of everyday life leaves us
Then when we can afford to look into ourselves
To understand who we are
To look beyond automatic responses
Understanding who we are, that’s what we try

When there is time, we feel
When the weight of false appearances fades away
Then we find ourselves with emotions we rarely notice
To understand those feelings
To get to experience them without crumbling down
Experience life while being alive, that’s what we fight for.

Our mind, divided in two
One guides us through the world, silently
The other notices the details, loudly
When they stop working so hard
That’s when we feel and think beyond habits
When we think we should be happy but are not
It’s because no other time is available
To reflect upon…

There’s this interesting phrase that goes “I found myself between the sword and the wall” that I heard many times in my childhood in cartoons and comics.

As a kid I had a wild imagination, as most kids do, and my mind could only create this scenario of myself being literally in between a sword (that happened to be named Excalibur, quite big and silver shiny) and a wall (that happened to be white), and sometimes a big-ass rock.

It’s funny because no kid creates this kind of phrases, they’re all made up by adults in an attempt to explain a feeling or situation, to better induce understanding on their peers through the use of powerful metaphors. We are creatures born of stories and there’s nothing like a story to excite our brains into comprehending. …

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“Research on the biology of creativity suggest several ingredients that we all can bake into our personal recipes for success. Number one is the Nike factor: just do it”

These are the words of Robert Bilder, psychiatry professor and director of UCLA’s center for Biology of Creativity.

He mentions a “just do it” attitude is what’s necessary in order to spark creativity. I believe he’s absolutely right.

There’s something peculiar about us, humans, we are the only animal on earth able to tell complex and compelling stories. …

Confucius, one of China’s most famous philosophers once said:

If you already know what you have to do, and you don’t do it, then you are worse than before.

This quote entails that once you know what you have to do, you should do it, there’s no way around it. What a powerful yet simple idea.

We’re filled with the “I don’t know what to do” or “I don’t know how to do it” excuse, we repeat these over and over again as a safeguard. We use excuses to prevent us from ever trying and therefore from failing.

I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed. …

The feeling of importance is one of human being’s most desired feelings.

Epic stories have been written, magnificent concertos created and cities have been destroyed just for one man to feel more important.

Almost any wish, desire or dream can be scaled down into one single thing: how important will that wish, desire or dream make it’s owner feel if it becomes true.

I read once that a man needs 3 things to be happy: Who he is. What he does. How much he earns doing it. If these 3 things are positive or important then a man will be pleased with his life, will be considered successful.

Each one of these questions tackles into the “how important are you?” question. This is the reason we chase promotions even if they don’t come with virtually any other benefit but the increased feeling of importance. …

I’m not myself when I’m writing yet I’m lost when I do.

I know myself and the reasons I reason with, nevertheless I’m yet to find myself as a writer.

My muse was life and now seems to be something even more ethereal.

The words used to pour out of my fingers like a waterfall when I knew nothing of all this called content creation. Now everything seems to need a purpose. Oh, when it was nothing but inspiration and love for the art.

Not worrying about being read, no editing to improve readability nor understanding; nothing but your thoughts creating lyrics in digital paper.

The good old times.

Yet here I am. Editing this for readability and comprehension . . .


Obed Marquez Parlapiano

JavaScript dev. Writer at That curious and loud guy.

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