I’m Different

“curiosity kills the cat, but lack of it kills the career”

Because I’m different, I choose to find out what makes me tick.

Because I’m different, I learnt bead-making, craft that is somewhat for ladies during my NYSC. I was really scoffed for been the only guy in the mist of ladies, but that was instrumental for my self-discovery career-wise.

Because I’m different, I learnt how to swim at my age, and I’m 30 something.

I want to remain different. I will not rest till I’m proud to mention my age on any of my ranting. Yes those that mention their age in this part of the world where I hail from are those happy with what they have already achieved as at the time they mentioned their age. I stand to be corrected.

You must be a different specie when you use one profile picture on Facebook for two years.

Because I’m different, I decided not to follow the band wagons to the classroom after NYSC like one with no choice of what gives him pleasure. No! I know my dream job and I’m living it.

Because I’m different I stopped been a die-hard football fan since the passion guys are having for it is becoming something else. It is abnormal (but it is abnormal to be normal all the time) to stayed glued to your computer while the rest of the world is glaring at Man U and Chelsea match. By the way, I heard Man U won the match.

Because I’m different, from the first day I saw her, I knew she was the one. No room for trial and error.

Because I’m different, I refuse to be intimidated, always ready to tell it at your face that developer can make or mar your company, your fat bank account notwithstanding. So treat developers with caution.

Because I’m different, my favorites quotes are:

variety is the spice of life.
curiosity kills the cat, but lack of it kills the career.
it is easier to wake someone who is sleeping, than to wake someone who pretends to be sleeping.

Nothing has landed me into more deep soup than smiling whenever I’m been bullied by a senior student during my Senior Secondary School days.

For real, smiling at circumstances is a rare weapon. Get it! It will make you, at least, different.

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