European Developers : Cisco APIs are coming closer to you ! Time to meet DevNet ?

[this article is also available at DevNet]

This last month, hundreds of you took the opportunity to meet with DevNet — Cisco’s Developer Program :

Missed those ? Well, we are working on a new set of events for June/July. I suggest you bookmark DevNet’s past and future events list, and start following @CiscoDevNet.

Whether you want to discover, learn or put your hands on Cisco APIs, you are always welcome at DevNet events. Worth mentionning our events are free, and all Cisco APIs can be freely accessed for development via DevNet Learning labs & Sandboxes.

Cisco Developer Program — DevNet — gathers resources for Developers to innovate with Cisco APIs : learn, get inspired, share, and join communities…

What are Cisco APIs about ? should I care ?

Well, I may be biased but a lot of innovation is happening here at Cisco, and a developers are currently jumping into the train. If you care about Cloud, IoT, DevOps, Collaboration …

Cisco Spark & Tropo Cloud Collaboration services

… or Network Integration & Automation, it is certainly time to get your head up. DevNet Developer Centers gather more than 80 API documentations.

Cisco DNA : Full powered / robust APIs to integrate with or automate your network

Where should I start ?

Let’s make it easy.

API Resources and Code samples : signup at DevNet and get free access more than 80 APIs documentation with Learning Labs.

Cisco Spark interactive API documentation : explore and run interactive queries (create rooms, send messages…), or go for your own bot.

Tropo documentation : login and experiment Tropo Phone Calls & SMS via these interactive use cases (2 factor auth, web site call back…), then go for your own scripts.

Networking development center : get a broad overview about Cisco networks programmability and DNA — Cisco’s Digital Networking Architecture.

Let’s meet …

Stève Sfartz is API Evangelist at Cisco DevNet, spreading the word for Cisco REST APIs and Cloud Collaboration Services (Cisco Spark / Tropo). Stève helps Developers and Systems Engineers differentiate their product and accelerate their business by leveraging CISCO APIs. You’re a Startup, an Enterprise or an Independent Software Vendor? Feel free to ping Stève to discuss innovation and how to integrate CISCO APIs into your applications.

As a strong supporter of Web APIs, Stève has committed himself to teach developer communities World Wide how to consume and build APIs in various languages. Meet Stève at a Cisco event or during a Hackathon in France mostly, all around Europe and US. Follow on Twitter @SteveSfartz or meet at Github @ObjectIsAdvantag.

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