Everything Is Broken
Quinn Norton

IT is a scam.

The security is so broken that you can compare it to a car that could randomly but predictably explode because of complex, un-mastered design.
The whole industry then tells you, I am not liable, and when it breaks it is your fault because you are a muggle, thus you have to pay for the consequences of my actions. It happened in the past, industrial nearly got mobbed for saying so. (Ammunition scandal UK 1916, it was not cars, but ammo. And like nowadays they said it was mysterious nonexistent spies sabotaging)

It is abnormal that credit/debit card users must pay an insurance for fraud resulting in lack of care from the banks for instance

IT should be called Lie Industry

Take the AI, it is just a mechanical Türk: you take data tagged by human, make a multi-dimensional regression a tad helped by a developer and you have a detection system.
Problem with detection is that it can be wrong. Every practical persons know that it can yield false negative and positive ; self driving car may stop dangerously on a highway because captors were blinded by EM pollution, or consider a bike or a toddler a non important data below the trigger resulting in a *predictable* collision. Don’t call this an accident: data and coders are biased. Biases the AI will have.

Self driving car is just an evoluted scam aiming at making you accept predictable failures in the name of the greater security and call them accidents. Predictable failures are NO accidents.

The thing that is truly broken is the lack of critical thinking of users that by fear submit themselves to a life of pain and think it is normal because of social pressure; trying to please people they don’t know and just wish the others to be as miserable as they are because it would suck if all this suffering was in vain.

But, we are basically all having a Stockholm Syndrome with IT.

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