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Ferdinand Vogler

When I look at the reason why author’s rights are so much in favour of creator it is based on the assumption of the originality of the work.
So, basically, I do question not the process of creation by “inpiration/copy”, but more the excessive protections granted by IP laws to creators in regard with this article. I still do think IP law is excessively protecting authors whose originality is close to be a fraud.
Thus, I do free software, and I give up on all my rights except paternity. What does anger me a lot though is the idea it is okay to never quote your inspirations. Stuff that happens to me as a free software coder.
And I am pretty puzzled by the number of creator/designers cracking their software, not respecting the licenses because … creators are special snowflakes who wants all the recognition of their moral rights and the the patrimonial rights too, but deny other creator their rights. As if they were the nobility of creation, and others the plebeians.

It convinced more that Intellectual Property laws are a fraud, which purpose is to help famous/educated person money capt money out of the creation of others notably exploiting public domain, and folklore.
Thanks for finally convincing we should not do free software, but strongly influence IP law to be less of an intellectual theft.

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