Collar is a Defi protocol that establishes money markets optimised for pegged assets. It allows users to borrow assets with 100% LTV and no risk of liquidation.

On the 21st of August, CollarFinance announced the begining of their testnest campaign which is to be done using the etherum Ropsten network.

The testnet is to run until 16–09–2021, and all testers would be rewarded accordingly, with an 'EARLY SUPPORTER' token reward, which would be available on https://poap.delivery

During the testnet programme they’ll be 3 roles for the testing, these roles are

  • Testing Recruitment(promoter early supporters)
  • Dapp Testing(Dapp tester early supporter)
  • Content contribution(community builder)

Initially, there was 2000 slots for the promoter early supporter and 500 Dapp testers, but due to the interest shown by the community members, it pleased the team to increase the slot as to allow opportunities for other enthusiastic members to take back in the testnet in order to enjoy the early supporter reward.

For the Promoters,

You’ll be required to follow to do a very simple task, which are

  1. Follow collarfinance on twitter- https://twitter.com/CollarFinance, after which you’ll be expected to join the discord channel- https://discord.gg/YYRUUMZvJg
  2. Then you’ll be expected to retweet the campaign post and also tag 5 friends who you’re certain would be interested in testing or learn about CollarFinance
  3. After you’ve successfully completed step 2, copy the link to your tweet and head over to the discord channel, go to the 'testing-recruitment' channel and submit your link with your etherum wallet address. Once your submission us recorded, you’ll get a feedback.
  4. Stick around the community and discuss collar finance, at the end of the campaign your rewards would be allocated to you.

A series of transaction would be completed by you which would be needed to fill a form and also make a tweet on twitter. You’ll be performing as borrow, farm and swap transactions on the CollarFinance dapp- https://test.app.colllar.org

Visit- https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1Ke9pq3RTuUC1N2bOf7KFA40BMJk3XIR4-NxPSWmT6Fs/mobilebasic
for guide on how to go about it.

The feedback form would give you an insight of the necessary places where you are supposed to take some screenshots, that’ll be needed for the submission.

After filling the form, all you need to do is chill a bit for the campaign to end and an announcement would be made regarding the claim of your rewards.

Remember, CollarFinance is the first of it kind, so consider this opportunity as an advantage over others, as you’re one of the early testers of this wonderful project, you got some edge over others..

For more information, check out
Twitter- https://twitter.com/CollarFinance.

Discord- https://discord.gg/YYRUUMZvJg

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