So, I rummaged through my books to find a history book to read. I figured I needed to brush up on my history lessons, seeing as I have been working and participating in tribal life for a while. My brain is mushy to the point where I can no longer stand it. I picked up Great Psychologists. So, I started to read it.

I ordered The Sourcebook of the History of Psychology, Psychoanalytical Theories of Personality, The History of Experimental Psychology, and a book by Rene Descartes that I am much too tired to remember the title.

I wanted to supplement my reading with a better understanding of the subject. After page 8, my brain cannot process anymore.

Xara Nahara O’Connor

P.S. I learned that Democritus (428 B.C.E.) actually had the first roots in the pursuit of studying sensory psychology, not Fechner. #themoreyouknow


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