I don’t think showing up early to sit together, even in the front rows, is trolling.
Hannah Wallen

Oh I absolutely agree she may not be suited for public speaking if just the mere presence of Sargon and co was enough to break her professionalism.

But it was very clear from the way Sargon spoke with Tim Pool pre-vidcon that the intention was to go there and to cause a ruckus by just being there. Mission accomplished I’d say.

Nobody should be banned from next year, and and Hank should look more into the subject before he makes any decisions. I think he would likely find that Sargon and other YouTube creators have just as much of a right to be at Vidcon as anyone else, and don’t have any intentions on breaking the rules. I also think he should definitely warn Anita that if she is to break her professionalism and the Vidcon policy next year then there would be consequences, and I think it would be unfair not to ban her if her behaviour does continue.

But I do respect his decision not to ban her this year, as long as no consequences come to Sargon and co for just having been in the audience. Their troll worked, it caused a ruckus, and now we just need to move on and be adults about the situation imo.

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