My Name

Names are merely labels that we choose to wear. Some we hold with pride while others are merely distractions to help us fit in with our reality. I have had many names in my life. Solitis Dicipulis, HP, Josh and many more labels that I have chosen to bear. For this account I am choosing a old one. I only used it once and it was for a very misguided reason. I hope to redeem one of my previously cherished names into something I feel very strongly about.


Not “The Truth” just a truth. My Truth. Some may call it an opinion while others could call it lies. Some twist it claiming hate speech while others understand and see wisdom. I am not here to make my reader happy. I am not here to share the opinion of someone. To merely regurgitate information I saw or heard. I am here to share observations of my reality. Things I have witnessed that have become something I can understand.

We may become friends my dear reader, or we may become the worst of foes. That is really up to you in the end because I mean no ill will towards anyone. I respect your opinion as yours, I respect your truth as yours just as I expect you to understand that my truth is Mine. That the way I see the world is not fact, it is not me attacking your reality or trying to cause any chaos. It is me simply viewing reality at a different angle. From a different lens.

So I invite you reader to explore. Expand your paradigm and grow with me.

I hope that one day I may even get to see your Truth. Your reality.

Till next time my friends.

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