December 27, 2020

I, like most of the world’s population, had plenty time on my hands to sit still in 2020. Especially in the spring. When the coronavirus was in its early stages and everyone was combing through new developments about its impact, myths about its transmission and trying to put a timetable on its duration, most people were cautiously hypothesizing from the comfort of their own homes.

Shit was (and still is) real out in the streets, and in the beginning of the pandemic the public was either on mandated lockdown or generally much more wary about moving around…


i think i know where the money resides. the same place it always has. within the accounts & stocks & shares & retirement funds & blood-stained coffers of the advantaged. the etymology of working-poor was not mouthed from a place of contradiction. america literally makes allowances for you to work yourself to death. honor your contributions to its stockpile of revenue. then mail your loved ones a scant offering they have already paid into.

September 6, 2020

There is never a lack of data, research, and polling conducted by reputable white-led institutions. There is always a lack of listening, prioritizing, and accountability. White Americans have to literally engage in criminal activity for American police to engage with them as criminals. Black Americans are treated criminally irrespective of actual crimes being committed because the origins of American policing was, in essence, to criminalize free Blackness.

Do Black folks commit crime? Yes, absolutely. Is police aggression towards Black Americans proportionate to data around Black criminality? No, it’s not.

Police aggression towards Black folks is largely the…

August 29, 2020

There are millions of Americans who live with some type of invisible illness. There are those who choose to disclose their illness either for the sake of advocacy or building community and others who choose to keep their ailments private, as there is a huge stigma around the value of a non able-bodied person.

Chadwick Boseman as an emerging lead Black actor in Hollywood understood that around the time of his diagnosis he was simultaneously ascending to an elite class of Hollywood actors. Before he became a global household name with Black Panther he had gained critical…

July 26, 2020

I recently purchased a new car because the car I was driving kept proving to be defective no matter how much I poured into it. I spent thousands of dollars on a car that got to a point where it would be functional for a few weeks at a time, then a few days at a time, then eventually not at all. Me constantly investing dollars I could not spare was not the remedy to my car problems. Starting anew, though expensive itself, was necessary if I (literally) wanted to start getting somewhere.

When I think of…

July 23, 2020

  • The Verzuz brand has brought joy to millions during the pandemic and re-introduced so many of us to the music of our formative years
  • Calvin Broadus (Snoop Dogg) and Earl Simmons (DMX) delivered one of the most exciting Verzuz battles to date. They celebrated each other and showcased two timeless catalogues of music.
  • There were stories, references to God and spirituality and an impromptu freestyle session at the end. It felt like watching two of your favorite uncles kicking it at the family barbecue, sharing their unique wisdom amassed from years of trials and tribulations.
  • Their battle…

July 21, 2020

A truth is Kanye West is a musical visionary. Another truth is Kanye West has consistently chased the glow of “Flashing Lights”. Another truth is once upon a time Kanye climbed on a desk at Roc-A-Fella Records and told Dame Dash and Jay-Z that he’d be an all-time great. Another truth is he once promised Mr. Rainey that he would marry Mr. Rainey’s Delta daughter. Another truth is he was once a mid-level artist on the Roc and at the time of the “College Dropout” being released in 2004, the label was prioritizing a newly signed Cam’ron’s…

White supremacy will feed you parables of a colorless God. Will have Black ushers hand you fans emblazoned with the image of Caesar Borgia to help you cool off from the heat of oppressive gospel. Will tell you that you are one of God’s children, but treat you like the bastard offspring of a one night stand with something subhuman…

Once upon a nation there was a bird that flew through a narrow window. The bird was Jim Crow. The narrow window was the slither of time post-Emancipation when Black folks were staking a claim on lands our blood fertilized. And within this narrow window a Freedmen’s Bureau was established in the name of Black economics & Black politicians were gaining governance amidst southern Reconstruction. Then came this wretched bird. A symbol of the South recalibrating itself. A blueprint for northern racism. A Blacktose intolerant fowl who left shit stains for generations. So when you see windows smashing in modern…

When I think about what it means to wish someone a peaceful transition, I think about the life of John Lewis. I think about what it means to grieve the untimely death of your friends, comrades and mentors for decades, and still persist in the direction you collectively set out on. At the age of 80 John Lewis should have been able to fully reap the harvest of his advocacy. In an ideal world the medal of freedom he received from one administration would have been sufficient proof of an evolved nation. He died battling two cancers. The cancer that…

Donney Rose

I am a poet, educator, essayist, activist & cultural critic from Baton Rouge. I write things so that things make sense even when they don't.

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