Step by step guide; how even a beginner can create a website / blog today

This is all the steps I used to register my domain name and host it that even a beginner with no internet knowledge can use and create a website /blog. Plus the screen shots that makes it easier to understand.

A website is what you can use for anything, from personal blog, online store, or you want to blog about your passion to either solve a problem some people are facing, to make money or just for fun.

It could be to blog about your passions or a topic that you know too well. It can be Health, Fashion, Gossip, Reviews, Comedy, Gardening, kid’s etc. There is no limit to what you can blog about these days.

But what is more interesting now is how you could make money blogging about anything. Check out the things people is blogging about and how they are making money from it and you would be amazed.

So in this article, I am going to reveal to you how I registered my domain name and how I hosted it.

And if you follow the steps, you too can both register and host it under $85 today without stress. Of course installing WordPress is free of charge.

But when you want to create a website / blog, there are three things you shouldn’t make mistakes in choosing and they include:

  • Your Domain Name
  • Your Domain Name Registry & of course
  • Your Web Host

As they will have a big impact on the success of your website/blog, both on your site speed and how people will be able to remember or pronounce your domain name.

That is why it will be useful to follow every step in this post for the fact that both the registry and web host I used is already a proven brand in the World Wide Web.

You will learn how I registered, how I hosted and how you can install WordPress.

Plus, the very same theme I am using now, the name of it and how to get and use it for free, that is if you like it. Though you will still have to take some time and customize it.

I know it sounds too much for you, but this guide makes it so easy that even a 7 year old kid who can operate a computer can use it and create a website.


It will be better to stop procrastination and start clicking this links now in other to avoid any mistake.

What is a Domain Name? Your domain name is like your house or office address, it is the name of your website. It will be the name people will type into their “Browser” when they want to visit your site.

For example my own is, your own can be, or even (.net, etc).

There are a lot of domain extensions, but the best is .com and that is what I strongly recommend because it is both the most popular and also the easiest to remember too.

And a good domain name should be short, simple, easy to remember and mention.

It is advisable that you keep off names like or Just try as possible to avoid stuffs like that and keep it simple.

Names like,, or even mine plus so many other fantastic names, they stood out.

They are not just easy to pronounce, but they are also easy to short, simple and easy to remember.


I register every of my domain name with, much because of their price $0.99 a year for new customers and their customer service and their stability which helps my site loading speed. I love them so much that after registering my first domain, I have gone back to register extra 3 other domain names.


Go to, Type in your desired name and click Check to confirm if your desired name is available.

If no, continue with different names until you get an available one, but if yes, Select Continue, and ignore the “Select additional popular domain extensions” option they will show you, unless you have the money for it.

On the next page (your Selection), select Continue to Cart to select Domain Only.

On the next page (Your Cart) just select Continue.

On your next page (Customer details) Click on Create new Account, fill in your Billing Information, and click on Continue to payment options.

On the next Page (Payment) Fill in your Card information or you can select Paypal if you have account with them and then order and complete your registration.

They will send you email to inform you of your request and you would be billed after a few days.

But after you register your domain name, you will need to host it. So continue

Web Hosting : Web Hosting is like your company space. It is what secures an apartment for you in the internet so people can access your content when they visit your domain name.


I host my domain names with Hostgator. Good price, awesome 24 hours live customer service support and a stability that also affects my loading speed positively.

So go to Hostgator, click on Get Started Now. On the Choose a plan page, select Hatchling Plan.

On the next page, click on I Already Own This Domain and type the name of the domain you just registered, and then fill the form.

And please don’t forget to change the 36 months on Choose a Hosting Plan to 12 months or any one you can afford for now.

And to reduce your price after filling the form, you will not need the stuffs on Add Additional Services for now, so unmark them all. When your site starts making money or proves itself, you can still add any of them.

And on Add a Coupon Code before Checkout Now, use the coupon code Nowlookupto25, and get 25 discount on your order. just type in nowlookupto25 and click on validate.

Complete your order, and wait for the email they will send for you, your personal login details that will contain two name servers that you will need to use and connect your 1and1 and hostgator.

Connecting your 1and1 and Hostgator together.

After hostgator have sent you the two name servers, go to and click login, click on manage domain, click on editing DNS settings, then go to DNS SETTINGS and then click on edit, select other name servers, insect the 2 servers hostgator sent to you, and save changes.

Is done, but you will wait for 48 hours before this changes can take place.

WordPress: This free software is what every blogger I know is using; it is what makes blogging so easy that anyone can start even without coding experience. And you will also have access to different themes and plugins, created just to make blogging so easy.


From the email that hostgator sent to you where you got your name server, click on your control panel link and login with your user name and password.

In your hostgator Control Panel, search and click on install WordPress, fill the little form that include your blog name, your email, and your names and click on install.

WordPress will then send you your login details, use it and login to change your theme.


After you must have logged in to your WordPress account, to change your theme, from your dashboard, click on appearance, and then themes and select one from the 100, 000 themes available.

Depending on what you want to use your blog for, you can choose the theme I am using, The Newswire. Search for it, and be sure to customize any theme you choose to look the way you want it to look.

It is as easy as.

I hope this guide that took me time to put down helped you.

Major Links in this post are

1 1and1 for registering

2 Hostgator for hosting

Just reach out to me in any level you find difficult or confusing, and I will surely be glad to you.

Please help your friends to see this.



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