“Forever” isn’t yours to ask of someone
Kris Gage

I love this so much. I’m currently working on an essay about entropy and it’s application to, well, everything, but especially relationships. My wife and I wrote our own marriage vows, specifically with this concept in mind. The last line wasn’t the traditional, “until death do us part” or “I will love you forever”, but was instead, “I will love you from one moment to the next, until my last breath.” (My ring is engraved with the first half, hers with the second.) Because you are exactly right: love is an action and it’s a choice to love someone, to honor them, to stay with them. And when you bank on “forever” just happening you risk losing sight of the fact that “forever” is the result of day-to-day, moment-to-moment purposeful choices. And inaction leads to entropy…and all things will fall apart.