Crossover Republican: Written Feb 4th

Before the debate on February 4th, I’d been largely up in the air between all the candidates, even the Republicans. The Republicans have slowly but surely chased me off one by one with each position they take. Trump with… everything. Ted on education, climate change, and his long rivalry with NASA. Carson with his grain pyramids. Rubio on overturning SCOTUS with respect to marriage equality. Jeb with his campaign management. Christie on starting another war on drugs. After the debate today, and sitting down to really think about it:

My favorite presidents in history are Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Both are Republicans in the sense that I identify with, and both made massive social change. Teddy kicked off the progressive era by taking on huge corporations and ultimately bringing an end to the Gilded Age. Eisenhower made broad steps to ending segregation and undertook the crazy notion of the highway system. Looking at the choices we have right now, the person that is the most similar to those two figures is honestly Bernie Sanders.

The GOP needs to look at its own history and realize what made it last so long in the first place and what made it worthy of being called grand. It has so much power but is standing on stilts made of ignorance teetering on the edge of imploding. Without massive restructuring, the GOP will be irrelevant in 20 years. Special interests ranging from big oil to religion have caused it to be stuck in the mud.

The Democrats have their own problems. Their establishment candidate is someone who is unabashedly corrupt, so much that the base of the party is moving toward an long standing independent whose values are historically Republican. The party is plagued with its own set of special interests, though it has much more ability to evolve and will stay relevant longer.

But I’ll join the revolution. At least for now. The Republicans are finally moving away from Trump, but what’s going on within the Democrats right now is so much more interesting, and so much more in line with my values.

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