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A number of trends have emerged over the past several years that continue to impact the growth of early stage ‘BlueTech’ companies. This post discusses some of the biggest ones I see happening in 2019.

On a broader scale, members of the global blue tech ecosystem are thinking about major industry shifts and new supports that will significantly impact the way startups operate in the year ahead. 2019 is the year for a massive leap forward.

Without further delay, here are my early predictions for 2019

1. Aquaculture Leads the Way

There’s no doubt that the number of organizations jumping at the chance to support BlueTech startups is on the rise, but the biggest gains will continue to be in the aquaculture space throughout 2019. With groups like Fish 2.0 and Hatch amplifying their programs in the new year, it’s without question going to be a growth year for aquaculture accelerators and incubators. …

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