No You Can’t : Why I’m Still Crying Over Hillary Clinton’s Loss.
Eirene Donohue

Eirene, you misunderstood the election results. It was Hillary who lost and it happened not because she was a woman but precisely because of her policies. I begrudgingly voted for her because I saw Trump as unacceptable for so many reasons. But then I do not feel disenfranchised the way so many in middle America do.

You are right, having a woman as President is way over due but it is important to field an electable candidate. Was there another woman poised to make a run for the 2016 race? I’m not sure because the DNC machine had already made its decision and there was no chance for someone like Elizabeth Warren or Zypher Teachout to move forward.

Can you imagine how that would have played out? The things of dreams, I suppose.

Please, don’t be Her. Stop crying and understand what really happened and next time back a progressive woman if you must but at lease back a progressive.

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