Debating “Facts” While Easter Island Dies
Joe Brewer

Joe, do I detect a note of celebration as you watch what you refer to as the “death throes of late-stage capitalism?” You seem anxious to bury what you hate and see this present assault on our democracy as just the ticket to your brave, new world. Like a typical scavenger you seem content to watch suffering from a distance in order to be one of the survivors. And that’s fine, as there are enough of us motivated to useful action.

There have always been a percentage of people ready to blame targets of convenience for their personal hardships. That group has ascended to power in the US due simply to a vast political mistake that occurred in 2016. Don’t forget the pendulum, Joe. This latest disruption is going to result in a momentous reversal. The actions you trivialize are the start of that process.

This little citizen has not given up hope and while I do not savor the upcoming days of activism, I am confident in the result. The goal, you see, is minimizing the short-term damage and, at the appropriate time, applying a much needed damping force on an over-active pendulum.