I’m loath to bite the political carrot here, but I feel as if you’re pressing on two points that…
Justin Cunningham

Justin, as is often the case in politics, its not the act but the cover-up that gets one in trouble. The events in Benghazi were horrible but largely the fault of some economizing at the State Department forced by a Republican Congress. That said, Hillary handled the aftermath poorly and apparently remains in denial that any Americans were killed.

Regarding the economic plan of Sanders, if you want to understand the origins of the “controversy” and learn a bit about the affect hos propopsals would have on the economy, I suggest: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dave-johnson/the-sanders-economic-plan_b_9301924.html where we learn that a economic model run by Gerald Friedman predicted:

GDP up 5.3% per year

Unemployment down to 3.8%

Wages up 2.5%

A budget surplus

The idea that Sanders’ simple steps could have these results irked many who are content with the status quo and its ability to enrich the politically well connected — so they piled on.

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