But there is ILLEGAL immigrant crime.

Let me explain my take on that. How many of us are perfectly legal? Who among us has not exceeded the speed limit, rolled through a stop sign, or parked illegally? Yes, I am equating traffic violations with illegal presence in this country. The similarities are profound: 1) no victim, 2) often a blind eye from law enforcement, and 3) beneficial to the economy.

While the present “round up” is simply more of Trump’s showmanship, it comes on the heels of President Obama deporting 2.5 million, 91% of whom were criminals (not traffic). By going deeper, as Trump plans, he is going to screw up immigrant families and damage the economy with crops rotting unpicked, burgers unflipped, and houses uncleaned. All for bragging rights over a misguided campaign promise. The point is, criminals among the immigrant population (ignoring their entry means) is at a lower rate than crime among the rest of us.