What will it take to HPB to become the new ETH?

TLDR: We will need our cryptokitties on HPB and soon!


Blockchain is amazing and will definitely revolutionize our daily life. But at the same time the blockchain it still facing a major issue that might slow down its adoption: Scaling.

So far, many projects are trying to solve this issue: ETH, EOS, Quarkchain, BCH, Cardano… but none of them are able to manage thousands of users.

Fred Ehrsam (Co-founder of Coinbase) explained that it would require at least 700,000 TPS for a blockchain to support a Facebook equivalent, with millions of users.

So here we are, the actual public blockchains are still stuck at the beginning of the internet area, with our old 56 kbit/s modem. So we must improve the speed of the blockchain to reach the “optical fiber speed” and offer a “Netflix experience” to the users.

Remember the time it took you to download an image at that time? Pepperidge Farm Remembers


For this analysis, let’s focus on the actual King: “ETH” and it’s challenger “HPB”.

ETH is actually able to reach between 8.5–25 TPS. 
At this time, this speed does not allow any intensive DAPP to run on the ETH blockchain without making it struggle as we saw it with the famous Criptokitties game.

Also, this slow TPS make the transaction cost quite high and can be quite painful for the user and developer.

Sharding and Plasma are 2 solutions the ETH developers are working on, in order to improve the number of TPS, but the timeline and the result are still unknown.

Vitalik Buterin (Co-founder of Ethereum) announced that potentially ETH could scale to 1 million transactions per second and potentially more than 100 million TPS in a more distant future.

HPB launched its Testnet in March and already reached 10,000 TPS and 30,000 signature verifications per second. We can expect the TPS to improve even more at the release of the Mainnet which is going to happen in September 2018.

HPB is the first public blockchain to use a unique solution of combined software and hardware architecture in order to reach a Million TPS per seconds.

We will probably see this goal achieved in 2019, that will make HPB the fastest blockchain of all.

But it’s not enough to be fast to become the first public blockchain, you will also need strong partnerships and HPB is already not a small fish anymore.

Partners are the key

Oasis Football is leaving EOS to come to HPB blockchain

With its fast TPS, HPB is starting to solve the scaling issue of blockchain and will offer a smooth experience for developers of DAPP.

Application on HPB can be created using popular programming languages such as JavaScript, .NET, Ruby, Python…

HPB offers also an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Neo Virtual Machine (NeoVM) and plans to add new virtual machines as needed in the future. That would allow developer working with other blockchains to use HPB more easily.

It will be necessary for HPB to start campaigns, to attract developers to work on HPB and especially on games.

Probably the years 2019 and 2020 will see the number of Gaming DAPP explode as many public blockchains and especially HPB will be able to support a large number of TPS.

If HPB can attract the new Clash of Clans or Pokemon GO on its platform it will be a great deal, especially if HPB is helping developers to access the Chinese market.

The partnership with UnionPay will probably also be a great advantage for HPB as we could see some solutions in the future to help users to inject money from their UnionPay bank account on some HPB games or HPB credits.

Make Love, Not War

To answer the question I asked at the beginning of the article:

Can HPB become the new ETH?

The answer would be probably yes, it’s definitely possible.
HPB with its original technology and it’s amazing partnerships could probably become the number one Blockchain, and overthrow the old king ETH.

But at the end, if you are expecting one Blockchain to rule them all, you are probably wrong. 
Even if ETH can keep it’s leading role in the blockchain universe, it won’t be the only public chain, and HPB will have, no matter what, a leading role to play in the future of the Blockchain.

The future of Blockchain will offer us interoperability, speed, and security. 
So be a part of it and join the HPB train as an early investor or a developer.

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