Ocen’s list: 2017 TV shows recaps

2017 has came to an end. The year that has a lot of great TV shows(at least to my opinion). I know I should not be really too invested in watching all these but what the heck, they are my escapism to keep my sanity in check. So here I list some series that I enjoy watching in the year of 2017 (some not). Please note that I am a comic book/superhero geek, so you might find some series that you never heard or doesn’t even bother to try to watch them. So enjoy.

Top 5

1. Dark

This is my top series for 2017. A German mystery series. The story take placed in a fictional place called Winden, Germany. Where some mysteries that occur within few families and their generations. A dark mind-boggling storyline with complex storytelling is what makes you need to stick to the monitor to not miss a thing. I won’t describe further, because you need to find out yourselves. I love to discuss this series if you have watched it.

2. Mindhunter

A series adaptation based on true events. Brilliant and compelling story of how the behavioural science unit of CIA was first founded. If you ever know or watch the series of Criminal Minds, you might probably would like to watch and enjoy this series even more as the series closer to the real events. We could see how the CIA agents find motives for every crime from what the criminal did, and how the ‘serial killer’ was first coined. Not to forget watch some interesting interview with the criminals. The finale is something you cannot miss.

3. American Gods

A novel adaptation series which was written by Neil Gaiman. A journey of an ex-convict, Shadow Moon who has been recruited by Mr Wednesday right after being released from prison. Not to Shadow Moon’s knowledge that Mr Wednesday is a god called Odin, and he later be apart of the conflict between Old Gods and New Gods.

4. Stranger Things (S2)

A second instalment of the series which reveals more abot what ‘upside-down’ and demogorgons are really are. It is a TV show equivalent to a literary page-turner. I would say it is a better work than its first season, with more character development for each recurring and new ones. Who can’t fall in love with the Steve and Dustin Duo, Bob Newby the superhero and cringe to the punk Eleven?

5. Marvel’s The Punisher

Frank Castle was first introduced in Daredevil S2, having his extended own series is something really to look up for. After stay hidden for quite some time, he showed himself out after helping a young man. Little that he knows that he’s being seen by one guy that later put him back to action to cleanse the evil in the authorities; which he learnt the hard truth of his past.



Marvel comic book adaptation series from Fox. A story of a schizophrenic patient named David Haller, who eventually revealed his mental condition is actually a powerful unique mutant ability. The story revolves around David Haller’s background. He is shown as a normal guy and a patient in a psychiatric ward. Without his

13 reasons why

Another novel adaptation which probably not a favourite to many people but I found this series as fresh although it has Young Adult vibes. A story of Hannah Baker with 7 tapes that each side of it is a story narrated by Hannah of someone related to her suicide. This series basically want to create awareness of bully consequences, however, they caught some controversies because of gratuitous scene of Hannah’s suicide at the end of the series. The act of Hannah made a suicide could mislead some kids, suicide as a resort to being bullied and can (had) been imitated by some.

Marvel’s The Defenders

A much-awaited series by a Marvel comic book fans which comparable to The Avengers of Marvel movies. All superheroes finally teamed up to fight their common enemy after being introduced in their own previous series. The dynamic of each superhero to the team is something that enjoy to watch.

Rick & Morty (S3)

This is the 3rd season for its series. I just happen to watch this due to much hype of the series. They have crazy fans. And when I say crazy, I literally mean that as how the McDonalds Szechuan Sauce madness. It was hard for me at first to watch this series due to its annoying characters but what works for me is that their premises on their time travelling and parallel multiverse concept. How in every timeline and universe, Rick must have and need a Morty.

Game of Thrones (S7)

Winter is here. A second to last season for one of the most popular fantasy series in worldwide. As the series will come to an end in the coming year, a lot of interesting scenes and plots happened in this season. Some burning questions were revealed as well.

Marvel’s Runaways

Six kids banded together as their parents are members of a charity group, PRIDE(not an LGBT group). Little that they know, PRIDE is an evil cult that where their parents put their hands dirty. All six kids try to escape from their parents after finding out the truth. There are more secrets about their family and themselves that hidden from them later revealed.

Mr Robot (S3)

The second arc of post-revolution, starting to where Season 2 was ended where Tyrell Wellick shot Elliot. More story on why and where Tyrell Wellick missing in most of the Season 2. Darlene and Angela play quite a significant role after their fall on FBI and Whiterose respectively in season 2. More twists in prior where Mr Robot started also revealed. The layer of this series never stop ain’t it?

Black Mirror(S4)

Similar to the previous instalment, the series back with six stories. Get ready for a ride to a show that presents to you the drawback of fancy technologies in dystopian world (unless one of the story is not about the drawback). I put redescribe for each episode not following its order in the series: Parenting, Virtual reality game of a workplace, Dating app, Haunt of bad memories, Revenge to a history of bad tech and Just black and white.

The Gifted

I watched few episodes of this series and kinda okay with it. For someone who is a huge fan of Marvel’s X-Men, really need to give this series a try. More unpopular mutants can be found in this series. The premise is that mutants are chased and cast out for using their abilities. A group of mutant refugees are running away as they fighting for their lives.

Star Trek: Discovery

Never been a huge fan of Star Trek, and to be honest I only have watched the pilot of this series. However, it is well made for a prequel to original series to the Star Trek. It is probably quite politically correct series (featuring more female, minority and LGBT people in the story), but the story of the war between Klingon and the Federation is something that needs to be watched.


Marvel’s Inhumans

I am very frustrated with this as originally they might have their own movie before it’s revised to a series. It’s already had bad review since its premiere on IMAX, which poorly accepted.I only give it a chance up to ep3 (as the review from premiere only based on up to ep2) and I cannot continue watching this terrible series. It’s poor acting, poor scripts and overall it is bad. Not that Monarchy power makes it bad. It just badly executed. Period.

Marvel’s Iron Fist

A billionaire turned martial arts master/vigilante? Sounds promising. Nope. The story is badly written, bad acting and worse fighting scenes. They even have confused villains who don’t even know how to play villain properly. If you haven’t watched it and planning to do it, I suggest you count on how many times Danny Rand tells people “I am the Immortal Iron Fist”. Only Colleen Wing is the best thing ever happen in the whole series.
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