Comfort Amidst the Storm

Only the readers of Pastor Russell can possibly know what’s going on today. His view has been established as fact in myriad ways and no human being on earth is able to stand and truthfully deny it. His words follow.

Pastor Russell’s most able defender was Paul S.L. Johnson. His words are below. NOTE the obviously prophetic bold text we are highlighting from his short remarks.

He maketh the storm a calm-Psa. 107: 29.
We of today represent the Lord’s cause in the midst of the raging elements of human passions, oppositions, etc., and our hearts would be at times dismayed except as faith is able to see the Lord with us in the ship, and able to grasp the thought of His mighty power in His own time and way to speak peace to the world. . . . It must not surprise us, however, if a dark hour is before us, if the time shall come when the stormy winds will be so fierce that many will cry out in fear and trembling. Let us learn well the precious experiences of the present time, so that then our faith shall not fail us, so that in the darkest hour we shall be able to sing and to rejoice in Him who loved us and bought us with his own precious blood, and to sing the song of Moses and the Lamb-Z ’04, 60 (R 3324).

There have been many figurative storms in human experience. Among these are the experience of the race with evil, and the sufferings of the Ancient and Youthful Worthies, Israel, the Little Flock and the Great Company. After all these the Lord has made or will make a calm. The storm of this text applies particularly to the unparalleled sufferings of the Time of Trouble. The ships of human organizations will be completely wrecked in this storm; and many of the sailors, officers and passengers will sink beneath the waves of anarchy. Later all will rejoice in the calm after the storm in the Millennial haven-P ’30, 166.

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