Foreign Leaders on Trump

While the “Treasonous Faux News Media” continually attack President Donald J. Trump for allegedly destroying the U.S. credibility in the world, here’s what world leaders are saying about Trump…


When it came to that image of Trump holding her hand outside the White House, May said she thought Trump was “actually being a gentleman.” She added: “We were about to walk down a ramp, and he said it might be a bit awkward.”
Theresa May Embraces President Trump in Speech to GOP Leaders
The British Prime Minister delivered the speech Thursday in Philadelphia.


Mr. Xi said the meeting was “very unique.”
“It has an especially important meaning for the future development of China-U.S. relations,” he said, via an interpreter. “We have had lengthy and deep communication.”
When he concluded, Mr. Trump said: “I agree 100 percent.”
The leaders of the world’s two largest economies met at a long conference table in the club’s Gold Room. About a dozen officials from both the U.S. and China joined in the bilateral talks.


During his recent visit to the White House, a photo was snapped that seemed to depict Justin Trudeau looking down with revulsion at Trump’s extended hand. It went viral.
In reality, the moment after Trudeau gazed down at the president’s hand, he shook it vigorously, eagerly embracing Trump in many ways. His Washington visit concluded without the slightest pushback on any issue, and the two leaders quickly came to terms on the controversial Keystone XL, a pipeline that will deliver the world’s dirtiest oil from Canada’s tar sands to U.S. markets. Trudeau was even willing to sprinkle some of his progressive pixie dust onto Trump’s battered brand, working together on a hastily arranged and wholly ceremonial PR project about boosting female entrepreneurs. Hours after Trump surprised the world with a missile attack on Syria, Trudeau voiced his total support. …While America’s press celebrates Trudeau for seemingly thumbing his nose at Trump, Canadian media praises him for successfully ingratiating himself to the president…


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made it clear during a joint press conference with President Donald Trump on Wednesday, that he unequivocally rejects the assertions of anyone who chooses ” to allude to (Trump) or to his people” as anti-Semitic.
“I’ve known the President and I’ve known his family and his team for a long time, and there is no greater supporter of the Jewish people and the Jewish state than President Donald Trump,” said Netanyahu. “I think we should put that to rest.”


“Duterte spoke positively after a phone call with the then President-elect Trump in December, describing him as “animated.” Duterte said he told Trump that Filipinos “are tight with America.”
“He was wishing me success in my campaign against the drug problem,” he said at the time. “He understood the way we are handling it and he said there is nothing wrong with protecting your country.”


Asked by Laws if Trump is a “capable of running what is the so-called most important country in the world,” Turnbull responded: “of course. Yes he is. Absolutely”.
“He is showing real leadership,” he said.
“Look at the way he has responded decisively to the chemical weapons attack in Syria and he has been engaging very constructively with China on a range of issues.”
Uribe’s former vice president, Francisco Santos, echoed those comments, telling the Herald that the meeting was concise but to the point.


[ From Uribe, one of two former Colombian heads of state President Trump.]
Thanks to @POTUS @realDonaldTrump for the cordial and very frank conversation about problems and prospects of Colombia and the region,” Pastrana tweeted in Spanish after the meeting.


The Mexican president sent a series of messages from his official Twitter account on Wednesday, congratulating not Trump himself but the American electorate.
He said he was ready to work with Trump to advance the countries’ relationship.
‘Mexico and the United States are friends, partners and allies that must continue collaborating for the competitiveness and development of North America,’ Pena Nieto wrote.
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‘ Trump stated Wednesday. Adding, ‘I have deep admiration for the people of Mexico.’
Pena Nieto, who had bromance-style relations with Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, said in his Wednesday night address, ‘Mexico reaffirms its friendship with the people of the United States and its willingness to reach agreements with its government.’
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Erdogan said via a translator that Trump’s election “led to the awakening of a new set of aspirations, and expectations, and hopes” in the Middle East, particularly regarding the ongoing fight against terrorism. He also warmly praised “the legendary triumph” that Trump had experienced as president of the United States.

Saudi Arabia

After years of disillusionment with the Obama administration, the Saudi leadership was eager to do business. “They were willing to make a bet on Trump and on America,” a senior White House official said.

YET IF YOU LISTEN TO THE MSM, no one could believe that Mr. Trump is doing any good work at all.

People are getting too smart for that, aren’t they?

“Aah sheeple”

Yours in Truth,


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