How long will this ANARCHY continue?

Charlottsville, VA August 12, 2017

We submit the view that I Kings 19:11–12 shows War, Revolution and Anarchy would precede the “still small voice” announcing the Kingdom of GOD taking over control of earth’s affairs. This is the proper symbolic interpretation.

1994 began the Anarchy phase of I Kings 19:12

I Kings 19:11 And he said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord. And, behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake: 12 and after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

The date 1914 began the “wind” or “War” phase. This was followed by Revolution beginning in 1954. Finally, 1994 began the Anarchy phase.

The three predicted events may be split into three equal periods of 40 years each: 1914–1954, 1954–1994, and 1994 to 2034*. As particular features of these events would find their beginnings at certain dates, they then continue to run, both consecutively and concurrently, as new events occur, sometimes overlapping into the next 40 year period.

Right now today the crises facing our globe are these: fights between non-white and white, fights between communists radicals and nationalist conservatives, plus a dangerous nuclear crises with Iran and N. Korea, and last but not least, all the nations of earth opposing the right of Jews to their own undivided capital, Jerusalem. see Zech. 12:2

Much is well known regarding 1914 and WWI. We begin in 1954.

1954: Earthquake, Revolution

  • Right Vs. Left, Freedom Vs. Tyranny, US vs. USSR
  • President Eisenhower signed the Communist Control Act outlawing Communist Party in the US
  • President Dwight D. Eisenhower coins the Cold War phrase “ Domino Effect” on the spread of Communism
  • Armistice Day is renamed Veteran’s Day to honor vets from the Civil War, WWI and WWII, and the Korean conflict
  • America does a large scale nationwide civil defense drill simulating the death of over 12 million Americans in a mock nuclear attack.
  • First Nuclear Powered Submarine commissioned by US Navy Nautilus
  • Close of Ellis Island: 1954 The last detainee, a Norwegian merchant seaman named Arne Peterssen was released, and Ellis Island officially closed.

Capitalists vs. Commies

6. 1953 — Senator McCarthy becomes the chair of the Senate Committee on Government Operations and pursues alleged Communists within the Executive branch
 7. 1953 — McCarthyism spreads as more people join in on it, books by certain authors begin to be banned and diplomats who rouse the attention of McCarthy are removed, panic spreads
 8. 1953 — McCarthy’s influence reaches its peak as loyalty oaths and black lists reach all corners of the country. Many people are accused as a result of “guilt by association” and many others are forced to endure intimidating legislative hearings
 9. 1953 — As the Korean War ends, McCarthy starts to attack the military and begins a search for spies and Communists within Fort Monmouth, New Jersey
 10. 1954 — The Army decides to fight back and holds the televised Army-McCarthy hearings from April until June. The dramatic hearings draw a large audience as viewers watch McCarthy self-destruct
11. December 1954 — Senator McCarthy is formally censured by the Senate in a 67 to 22 vote, effectively ending his Communist “witch hunt.”

VIETNAM WAR: 1954–1975

11. 1954 — The Battle of Dienbienphu takes place as the last major battle of the war
 12. July 1954 — The Geneva Conference is held after the French suffer a great loss in the Battle of Dienbienphu. The 17th parallel is set as the boundary between Communist North Vietnam and Western-controlled South Vietnam
 Disagreements over elections and unification that had been promised in the Geneva Accords escalated into the “Second Indo-China War” also known as the Vietnam war between Vietnam and the United States.

End of Segregation

  • Brown v Board of Education makes segregation in US Public Schools Unconstitutional.

8. 1954 — US Supreme Court rules against the Board of Education in an unanimous decision. The court states that separate but equal is inherently unequal when it comes to providing public education and that the segregation of public schools violated the 14th Amendment
 The ruling sent the message that all forms of state-mandated segregation would not be tolerated by the court any longer. This message received a lot of resistance from Southern leaders in particular leading to the standoffs and conflicts for Civil Rights that we would see during the rest of the 1950s and early 1960s.

Technology, Information, Transportation 1954 “People shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased”

Our Modern Culture began in 1954

  • Rock Around The Clock” from Bill Haley and the Comets, and
  • Elvis Presley cut his first commercial record.
  • General Motors produces it’s 50 millionth car
  • The first mass vaccination of children against polio begins
  • The first organ transplants are done in Boston and Paris.
  • The First all Electronic Color television goes on sale from RCA the CT-100 selling for $1,000
  • The rosebowl Parade is broadcast in color on TV
  • Swanson introduces TV Dinners


So, after seeing all this exciting info supporting my thesis, I surmised there should be some significant chronological discoveries regarding computers in 1954. A quick search was astounding as 1954 jumps right out at you!

The Evolution of the Computer

  1. First Generation (1939–1954) — vacuum tube
  2. Second Generation Computers (1954–1959) — transistor
  3. Third Generation Computers (1959–1971) — IC
  4. Fourth Generation (1971-Present) — microprocessor
  5. Fifth Generation (Present and Beyond)

1. First Generation (1939–1954) — vacuum tube

etc. see:

  • IBM introduced a smaller, more affordable computer in 1954 that proved very popular.[97] The IBM 650 weighed over 900 kg, the attached power supply weighed around 1350 kg and both were held in separate cabinets of roughly 1.5 meters by 0.9 meters by 1.8 meters. It cost US$500,000[98] ($4.41 million as of 2016)
  • The IBM 704, introduced in 1954, used magnetic core memory, which became the standard for large machines.

Finally, I then recalled that mental borders of perception began to blur with the advent of LSD research, so I did a quick search on Timothy Leary and found this…

  • Higgs, John (2006). I Have America Surrounded — The Life of Timothy Leary. The Friday Project. p. 18. ISBN 1905548257. “In 1954 he became Director of Psychology Research at the Kaiser Foundation Hospital, and published nearly 50 papers in psychology journals”.

So then I thought there should be some significant events in 1994 as relates to the last phase, “The Anarchy”. Here’s the intriguing results, which are just as compelling as 1954’s results when you stop and consider that all the following that had their beginnings in 1994 are the same exact significant problems that continue to face the globe.

1994 “The ANARCHY”

This year also marks the 50th Anniversary of the Allied landings in France and the beginning of the end of the Second World War. ….

1994: Major earthquake jolts Los Angeles; 51 dead (Jan. 17 et seq.).

1994 Palestinian National Authority formed

The Palestinian National Authority is the administrative organization established to govern parts of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank… Read m

  • PLO leader Yasser Arafat returns to Palestine after 27 years in exile
  • Israel and Palestinians sign accord (May 4).
  • Israel and the Vatican begin diplomatic relations


After the nightmare of WACO in April of 1993, US President Bill Clinton with his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton together engaged the nation in a series of disastrous moves starting in 1994:

  • Signs the Kremlin Accords, a nuclear weapons treaty, with Russian President Boris Yeltsin
  • Clinton ends trade embargo on Vietnam (Feb. 9).
  • Clinton accused of sexual harassment while governor of Arkansas (May 6).
  • Whitewater scandal begins to be investigated

Serbs’ heavy weapons pound Sarajevo (Jan. 5–6).

see Gen. Wesley Clark, Madelyn Albright

  • Tensions start over Inspection of Nuclear Plants in North Korea
  • Russian troops enter the rebellious Russian province of Chechnya in an attempt to bring it back under government control
  • The US government is forced to bail out this country after an exchange rate alteration causes a financial crisis Mexico

1994 The E.U. is born

  • NAFTA: In 1994 the North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA) was signed by Mexico, America, and Canada.(Ed Note: NAFTA was signed in 1992. It came into effect Jan 1, 1994)
  • After many years the English Channel is opened joining England to France for the first time, Chunnel opens, May 1994
     Bridging England and France, it took 15,000 workers over seven years to create the tunnel which now allows passengers to travel between the two countries in 35 minutes.


Rwandan genocide of Tutsis by Hutus begins; estimated 800,000 slaughtered in c. 100 days (April 6).

Political Revolutions:

  • South Africa holds first interracial national election (April 29); Nelson Mandela elected president.
  • Congress votes protection for women’s health clinics (federal funding of abortions) (May 12).
  • Newt Gingrich Republican Revolution — Republican majority in both houses of Congress
  • This man becomes the Prime Minister of Italy for the first time Silvio Berlusconi March 27, 1994

More General Anarchy

  • In the US the First Genetically Engineered Tomatoes become available and the use and sale of GM Foods is approved
  • OJ Simpson flees police in his white ford bronco
  • Tanya Harding Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan attacked (Jan. 6); three arrested in attack (Jan. 13).
  • Orange County, Calif. files for bankruptcy protection
  • Major League Baseball Players Association begin 232 day strike causing 1994 season to be cancelled, NHL locked out players over salaries
  • Kurt Cobain commits suicide
  • Colombian athlete Andres Escobar is murdered, possibly in retaliation for accidentally scoring against his own team in this international tournament
  • The Aum Shirinkyo cult launches a terrorist attack on the Tokyo subway using Sarin gas.

The Bible predicted a Technology, Information, and Transportation explosion with one small verse:

“People shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased” Dan. 12:4

1994: The Internet

  • The full version of Netscape Navigator was released during December of 1994 and it was considered the first commercially successful web browser
  • Amazon Is Founded:, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) is an American-based multinational electronic commerce company. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington
  • Porn explosion
  • Information explosion

More could be added. This list is sufficient to show that our thesis has historical support.

*In closing we submit that “The Anarchy” is scheduled to continue until 2034, UNLESS:

Matthew 24:22 And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.

We believe that God’s great love for his people will be demonstrated dramatically as His Son’s Bride, the chosen elect “little flock”, now completed and ready to begin their reign in full, will intercede before mankind destroys itself in the Anarchy.

If we are correct or no, we are excited to think that this year or next, 2017–2018, could also be the time when Messiah intercedes in earth’s affairs, mercifully cutting short those terrible days to reveal by His bright Shining Epiphany the Presence of the Son of the Most High Yahweh. We hope to provide more on that, Lord permitting.

Yours in The Truth,


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