Armageddon and Anarchy

“…in the coming Battle of Armageddon. God’s side of that battle will be the people’s side; and that very nondescript host, the people, will be pitted at the beginning of the battle. Anarchists, Socialists, and hot-headed radicals of every school of reason and unreason, will be in the forefront of that battle. He who has any knowledge of army life knows that a great army is composed of all classes.

The masses will be restless under their restraints, but will be conscious of their weakness as compared with the kings and princes, financial, social, religious and political, who will then hold sway.

…The crisis will be reached when the hitherto upholders of the law shall become violators of the lawand resisters of the will of the majority as expressed by the ballot. Fear for the future will goad the well-meaning masses to desperation, and anarchy will result when Socialism fails.”

Pastor C.T. Russell Studies in the Scriptures Volume 4 (The Battle of Armageddon — THE AUTHOR’S FOREWORD)

Charles Taze Russell is the only Christian Pastor to accurately explain to the world that, rather than seeing a conversion of the world to Christianity, we would instead see rising global conflict and ultimately anarchy before the establishment of the long awaited Kingdom of God on earth.

Today we are indeed well into the Armageddon and Anarchy phases spoken of by Pastor Russell, as taught by the Holy Scriptures.

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