THE TRUTH about What’s Happening NOW

written in 1889?

“It will mean, in many instances, the uprooting of earthly friendships and the sundering of many tender ties; and the truth will do the separating. The Lord’s prediction as to the “harvest” at the first advent will be true again in the present harvest. (See Matt. 10:35–38; Luke 12:51–53.)

As there the truth set the father against the son, the daughter against the mother, and the mother-in-law against the daughter-in-law, so [B237] again, a man’s foes shall oftenest be they of his own household. This cannot be avoided. They who love peace more than the truth will be tested, and they who love truth supremely will be accepted and approved as the “overcomers” — just as in the Jewish “harvest.”

In the Jewish “harvest” the messengers chosen and sent forth as heralds of the King and of the Kingdom at hand were humble, untitled men, and those who opposed the message were the Chief Priests, Scribes, Pharisees and Doctors of Divinity; and as we should expect we find it here: the blindest are the leaders of the blind, who, like their Jewish types, “Know not the time of their visitation.” Luke 19:44

The presence was one of the main points of testing there, and the cross was the other. John the Baptizer cried to them, “There standeth one among you whom ye know not.” Yet only the Israelites indeed were able to realize the fact of Messiah’s presence; and of these many stumbled over the cross; for though willing to accept Messiah as a Deliverer, their pride made them unwilling to receive him as Redeemer, also. So here, likewise, the presence of Christ, the “harvest” in progress, and the rejection of the nominal mass of professors, stumble many; and the great Deliverer, for whose coming and kingdom many have prayed (as did the Jews), they are unready to acknowledge. Again it is true, “There standeth one among you whom ye know not.” And again the cross of Christ becomes a test and a stone of stumbling or trial as none could have expected; and many, many are now falling over it, saying, We will accept Christ as our Deliverer, but reject him as our Redeemer or Ransomer.

Surely all who will consider the matter carefully must acknowledge that the evidence that our Lord is now present (a spirit being, and hence invisible) is greater and clearer than the evidence which the Jew had of his presence in the flesh at the first advent. And not only are the prophetic evidences [B238] of the Lord’s presence now more full, complete and numerous, but the signs of the times everywhere about us, showing the harvest work in progress, are much more apparent and convincing, to those whose eyes are anointed (Rev. 3:18), than were the circumstances of the first advent, when our Lord Jesus, with a handful of followers, through much opposition and under many unfavorable conditions, announced, “The time is FULFILLED; repent and believe the good tidings” — Messiah has come, the Messenger of the great Jehovah, to fulfil to you all the promises made to the fathers. What wonder that only the humble minded ones could accept of the humble Nazarene as the great Deliverer, or of the humble, untitled men with him as part of his chosen cabinet — as those who were to be princes under him. Only the few could see in the one who rode on the ass and wept over Jerusalem the great King of whom Zechariah had prophesied that Zion would receive him as King with shoutings of joy.

At his first advent he humbled himself, taking the form and nature of man (Heb. 2:9,14), thereby to accomplish our redemption by giving himself as our ransom price. He is now highly exalted, and dieth no more; and at his second advent, clothed with all power (Phil. 2:9), he will exalt his “body,” and then bestow upon the world the blessing of restitution which he purchased for them at his first advent with his own precious blood.

from C.T. Russell “The Time is At Hand”

It is our view that the completion of the Church, the Bride of Christ, has already taken place and we are in the final separating, a troubling time of Anarchy — the pre-cursor to The Kingdom for which so long we have prayed: “Thy Kingdom Come — on earth- as it is in heaven.” Mt. 6:10