How to Develop and Publish iOS Apps

  1. Purchase a MacBook Pro or an iMac
  2. Download Xcode from the app store
  3. Follow along with to learn how to create apps through the Swift programming language (for free)
  4. Utilize beginner iOS development courses available at,, and
  5. Outline your app idea
  6. Design your app using a prototyping service such as
  7. Develop your app using place holder graphics and test it
  8. Design final graphics and load them in
  9. Test, debug, and expand app
  10. Purchase an app developer license from Apple for $100 a year
  11. Publish your app
  12. Learn and build more apps


Purchase an expensive app creating suite such as GameSalad or GameMaker Studio and learn how to use them using the resources provided by the software developers themselves, or courses available on,, or But why do that and limit yourself to those partly visual click-and-point development solutions when you can learn a versatile programming language such as Objective C or Swift?