Netflix Kills You Twice as Fast as Cigarettes and You Don’t Even Know It

By Octavian Ristea.

It is believed that just one cigarette takes about 7 minutes off a smoker’s life.

Therefore, quick napkin math indicates that smoking six to nine cigarettes a day reduces a smoker’s lifespan by 40–60 minutes a day.

On the other hand, the average Netflix subscriber watches two hours of Netflix a day…

People who watch Netflix spend the moment of now on something that they will never get back. They are eating away at their life starting with the present. Young years that they will never get back. Years that could be spent on journeys and adventures.

People who smoke reduce their life beginning from the end, but they get to enjoy the moment of now with their quality of life relatively intact.

And when a smoker’s heart or lungs begin to wear down he might even have the option for a transplant. A Netflix subscriber will never have such an option. Most of them don’t even know that Netflix is eating their lifetime away.

Every dollar you spend, you can earn another. Every second you spend, you can not.

So what can we do with this information?

We can keep in mind that everything kills us.

Driving your car to work could save you time when compared to walking, but eventually there comes a point where being too comfortable and convenient will work against your health. In fact, the convenience will outright reduce your lifespan.

There is a point where too much dessert ceases to be an entertainment for the mouth and instead becomes a poison for the body.

Any convenience and anything that is too good can result in negative side effects. Using a car without working out can quickly result in obesity for example.

If you drive to work everyday, balance it with going to the gym to be healthy.

If you watch Netflix, balance it with introspection to be mindful.

Health and mindfulness are the essence of being alive after all.

Challenge the convenience of your car with exercise, and challenge the convenience of watching the fantasies of others with your own introspection. Revolt with creativity! Be alive!

Or don’t, it’s your time and your life.

Furthermore, don’t worry yourself about those that smoke cigarettes and are “slowly killing themselves:” especially if you’re going to follow up to it with watching an entire season of House of Cards or Orange is the New Black in one sitting.

We are all living, and we are all dying in our own way. Why do we do the things we do? Because we enjoy them, because they feel good, and because we can.

Pick your poison, and pick it well. How will you slowly kill yourself?