If “number of pixels” equals “similar”, sure.
Daniel Holliday

You’re so right on that latter statement, but most people don’t even know what Dolby Atmos is. And an effort to spread the gospel of Atmos, Dolby is rolling out a line of upgraded home audio receivers that have the ability to output sound in said audio format.

The only sound system that even comes close to Atmos in this part of town is the newly installed 16 channel audio system (4 overhead, 4 corner speakers, 3 front speakers and really BIG subwoofer) along with IMAX’s brand spankin’ new laser projection system at the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX theater. Normally, they just screen IMAX nature documentaries, but once in a blue moon, they show a feature-length film there. Just about a week ago, I just saw a second run screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in this venue and I’d like to say the experience blew me away.

It comes really close to replicating 70mm because unlike projection systems that are used for FakeMAX, you see pixels. The laser system, on the other hand, you see film grain. And realizing this, this excited and scared me. In other words, most theater chains around the country don’t even light a candle to what IMAX with Laser can offer. If you haven’t seen a movie in that format please do.

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