Why The Minimum Effort is Very Successful in Schools?

Some quick answers are because nobody wants to study all the time, nobody wants to learn something that is worthless for them.

When someone starts their degree, they need to know the basics of their professions at least. They need to study the art of their specialties. But, when they will know that is enough basis info? How much is needed to decide whether what you study is valuable or not?

Now imagine someone who just wants to get a certificate, a title into curriculum vitae only. Because he / she does not have time to study. Because the work is more important than spend time researching something outside of school. What is that student going to offer in his / her years of study?

You could think ‘Study weekend & nights. Come On! No way! My free time is more important instead’.

This mid mind involves students to have mental mediocrity in their academic lives.

I have been a teacher of mathematics and physics areas, practically since graduating. First in high school and for now in bachelor science schools. I have had good results almost all the time, but I have had difficult times too. Specifically, with all people that carry minimum effort painted in their faces.

I always started teaching with very eager to work no matter salary sometimes. My emotion is evident because I want always be a bus of information qualities trying to motivate the new generations to get involved in science. But it is not easy all the time because many students lack a study education and its motto is the least effort.

So, in this vacation I was thinking about it and how to avoid bad future experiences. Some kind of special treatment for those quiet, mid mind, pseudo students with low will to study.

However It would be very hard for teens, even for the good people, to classify them openly inside of classrooms even outside of it.Imagine carrying something like a little star on your forehead all the time, like when we were kids. The goal is motivate them playing to be responsible and discipline adults. But everyone will think that is funny and ridiculous. Or instead imagine all kind of color t-shirts with the follow sentences: I am Minimum effort , Mr. almost, Miss Least effort, etcetera. It could be rude at beginning but I am convinced that we all would adapt to our environment. Therefore very likely that people of the least effort become accustomed to bring that legend, not caring about what people think. Proud or not proud of it, is not enough to convert or transform their attitudes. Almost the same thing happens in classrooms, but Mr. polite never says openly what kind of student you really are although there are active, proactive, passive and rebel students.

The main problem here is that everyone is wondering why they have to learn this or that. They feel that their time is very valuable to spend on learning something very easy or difficult. The key word here is difficult. The eternal battle between “difficult versus easy way”.

Why study mathematics? I regular student answer would be ‘The math are so difficult for me. I will be a lawyer and I will not need it. Please be quiet close the book and go away math teacher’.
This last sentence is impossible for science students. They need to support math or perhaps they need because is required to undergo mental training. Mathematics requires reasoning, concentration, and the desire to solve problems too.

I rememberer my most difficult time. It was when the entire group stopped attending a test because they would be probable fail it without study. I hope the new generation will be enthusiastic with math. I am almost sure because I will attend some engineering young people.

On the other hand, there are some subjects apparently seems to be a nuisance and the authorities do not help to improve the subject, they do the opposite and prefer eliminate difficult subject to contribute with the minimum effort.

I notice that some educational reforms support conformism, limiting thematic content. Justifying new contents with something that is fashionable because the modern education has to be playful.
I remember and be sure that my best knowledge is rooted in the effort of serious study. Advanced mathematics and scientific knowledge cease to be a game, when development of mathematical skills is necessary to solve a problem of everyday life. Scientific and not science people must have enough intellectual tools but also psychological to solve any kind of problem, e.g., The math is one of the best tool for emotional intelligence.

Finally, in this days many students do not want homework either, and the worse I seen is they do not want to learn management systems or read technical stuff with another language because is difficult. They need all info translated to their native language 
They are simply accustomed to being observers of power point templates.
They bother if they have to spend their time outside school researching or solving problems. The only thing they want is their certificate. No matter sometimes how cost minus knowledge.
It is very disappointing as a teacher to see how the generations are absorbed by the least effort. They think that information technologies will give them all the answers and they are so wrong. Google is not enough.
In my next article I’ll talk about it precisely about that, with the title ask St. Google please.

My best recommendation to all math or science teachers is to be always passionate with application tools, try to involve the curiosity and criteria. Do not be emotional with minimum effort because you are the bus, the nice bus that conduct via knowledge to be more intelligent and better human being.