On January 2, 2018, data on vulnerabilities of the majority of modern processors from Intel, AMD and ARM came into common access.

Using these vulnerabilities, attackers can access personal data of users (from passwords and credit card data to bitcoins of purses).

Such attacks received their names — Meltdown and Spectre. Briefly tell you what it is, what threats and how to secure your computer from it.

The essence of the problem and the risks for the Internet users

Physically, processors are not at all at risk. The whole problem lies in architecture, that is, in the algorithm…

Приветствия! Мы прошли долгий путь, чтобы сделать этот проект и наконец мы его запускаем.

Меня зовут Алексей Малицкий и я предлагаю загрузить наше приложение к браузеру Octogin, пока не иссяк лимит регистраций :)

8 лет я занимался созданием одежды и брендов. Мы построили несколько замечательных компаний, но в 2014 году, после политического кризиса, состоялся экономический. И весь наш бизнес, который был построен в основном на импорте, начал довольно быстро проседать. Понадобился один год, чтобы все осознать и определить свой самый ценный актив — багаж знаний. Я поставил цели по саморазвитию и публичным выступлениям, имел определенный опыт, которым хотелось поделиться, поэтому…

Welcome! We have come a long way to complete this project, and we are finally launching it.

My name is Oleksiy Malytskyy, and I’m offering you to download our browser app, Octogin, before we reach the registration limit:)

I have spent eight years making clothes and creating brands. We have built several wonderful companies, but in 2014, a political crisis was followed by an economic one. And our entire business, which was based mainly on imported products, started sagging rather rapidly. It took us one year to realize what was going on and identify our most important asset — knowledge…

AdController Team

There is a huge problem with nowadays internet ecosystem. More and more people are using ad blocking programs as a quick solution to low-quality advertising.

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