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AdController Team
Sep 4, 2017 · 4 min read

Welcome! We have come a long way to complete this project, and we are finally launching it.

My name is Oleksiy Malytskyy, and I’m offering you to download our browser app, Octogin, before we reach the registration limit:)

I have spent eight years making clothes and creating brands. We have built several wonderful companies, but in 2014, a political crisis was followed by an economic one. And our entire business, which was based mainly on imported products, started sagging rather rapidly. It took us one year to realize what was going on and identify our most important asset — knowledge. I set some goals on self-development and public speaking; I had some experience that I wanted to share, so I also took to teaching entrepreneurship. I invested my entire time into these three directions.

In 2016, I was working as a consultant in a marketing agency Aimbulance, where we helped large businesses (international organizations, banks, and national producers) to communicate more effectively in the digital era, plan their future, and choose the right path.

It was then that I started to think about a new project, as I realized there were no immortal companies, there was only a limited amount of time when a company could be in a leading position (thanks to the idea, the efforts of the team, right timing, or a new ground-breaking technology). I started to think about a company that would take Google’s place in the future, I gathered people around this idea, and I think we may have found an answer.

I know it sounds ambitious. But “Only those who dare will succeed”!

We saw huge unfairness of the market: companies abuse their position and show us more and more advertising, as a result we start to protect ourselves and install Adblock. Over 600+ of users all over the world have Adblock installed on their devices.

This means that almost every seventh Internet user has installed it. A person who has installed Adblock once does not go back. “What’s so bad about it?” you may ask. The truth is, it harms the websites that we visit. And they are often good websites. They receive less income, they start paying their journalists, editors, and designers less. As a result, we get worse content. Turns out, this snake bites its own tail.

We decided that we could do something about this situation.

We want to make a user a part of the entire process. We want the user to receive income from advertising that they consume along with the advertising network and the publisher. That is why we created Octogin.

The system keeps record of the websites that the user visited and the advertising they saw there. Advertising views of all people are estimated, and based on this the system gives the user compensation in internal currency — O Coin. The number of coins is limited and will be distributed within a limited amount of time.

The user can give coins to charity, place them in the exchange and sell them, or exchange them for discounts or goods from the sellers. Who will, in their turn, use the coins to pay for advertising placement.

At Beta stage of our projects, we have already involved such partners as: Celentano, Planeta Kino, Sammy Icon, Nash Format, Make My Cake, Botan, Like a Local’s, UIPservice, Coco Useful, Uklon, as well as Tabletochki Charity Fund.

This is a rather complicated project without any street magic, with interesting logic and many challenges that our team has yet to overcome. We are currently finalizing building the relations between all the components of the ecosystem, and now we need your help.

We created a prototype in form of a Chrome browser app. It takes 30 seconds to install and 30 more to register. We are planning to involve only 5,000 users at the testing stage. The testing will last for several months, after that we will start working on the full-scale project. To develop it, we are currently negotiating with investors.

I will be grateful to everybody who registers and stops using Adblock for two months to become a part of a large project that aims to change the entire industry.

My team and I have contributed to many wonderful things in our lives, and in the next six years we are planning to build a project that will fill the gap at Europe’s start-up map.

The registration will be closed after we reach the limit of 5,000 users. So please, read the instructions and help us create a cool product.

THREE short steps to start (You may start with the 2nd;):

1) DOWNLOAD Octogin app for Chrome


3) Exchange coins for benefits!

let’s go!

AdController Team

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There is a huge problem with nowadays internet ecosystem. More and more people are using ad blocking programs as a quick solution to low-quality advertising.

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