Introducing Octonius for academics

We launched 2 weeks ago and the web app is already building a hype in different sectors and industries. We developed a product that is soooo easy to use and adopt by anyone, regardless of the profession or tech knowledge.

Recently I discussed with one of my friends from US, an economics PhD student at George Mason University and I realised the problems we have as developers are not so different to the problems he has in the academic space. Clouds are clouds and since the very moment one person decides to use one cloud over another, the battle begins.

Each time you need to collaborate, you will start arguing with your team over the solutions to use. Some people just love Dropbox. Other people love GDrive and Google docs…. and there you go, try and collaborate now….

When he used Octonius for the first time he was so happy that we fixed this battle for good. Now he can work from DROPBOX without asking his colleagues what cloud are they using. He just doesn’t care. It just works.