Introducing the new Octonius

We are excited to share with you that Octonius has evolved into a digital hub for teams, to make collaboration more organized and predictable. The new Octonius is designed to give you a feeling of clarity and focus, which reflects in the new color of our platform.

A number of tools have recently invaded the workplace to make work easier. Yet, we can’t coordinate teams on the most basic aspects of our daily actions. Solutions like emails, instant messaging and social networks offer no easy way to locate the right files, track and visualize what needs to be done. We have created Octonius workspace to help teams organize their work, have clarity and make better decisions.

Until now, you could just communicate and share files in team chats. Now you can assign work to one or multiple team members directly from team conversations, access calendars and see who is doing what by when, so nothing gets lost in the noise of conversations.

Access all your groups from the top bar. Inside each group find all the information and documents you need (Activity and Files). Know what your team is up to today, this week, this month (Calendar). If you need to work with external people, such as freelancers or partners, invite them from a control board (Admin). Groups being private by default, no end-user can access a group without a double permission.

When it comes to work as a team, move away from disorganized forms of collaboration. Use team chats to brainstorm, schedule work and give an easy access to important files, information and data, so anyone can easily come back.

By bringing conversations in Octonius Groups, you are able to:

  • Get all the right people in the right teams. Access team calendars, files and more. Start working from day one, without hustling with third party integrations.
  • Turn conversation into tasks with our integrated work tracking system.
    Assign work to one or more team members, so everyone is up-to-date with what’s needed to be done.
  • Access the relevant information you need, the replies to your messages and your tasks in Overview.

Redesigning team collaboration to give back time to your teams is our top priority. The new Octonius brings focus, agility and keeps everything organized, so your teams get work done.

We can’t wait for you and your team to get started with Octonius!
Head over to to request more info or just reach us out.

Digital workplace for the future of work. Find out more at! #Octonius

Digital workplace for the future of work. Find out more at! #Octonius