Octonius helps the healthcare industry amid new COVID wave

This month we partnered with another healthcare client and helped its employees onboard our platform.

Amid the new COVID spikes and wave, we all need to do our part.

Technology is responsible for providing support for all other industries, so for us, the mission was clear: help our client leverage Octonius and speed up the information transfer, task allocation, and work tracking for healthcare workers.

For over 10 000 healthcare workers, our client had several problems(we believe most of them are common in this industry):

  • management — lack of visibility. Impossible to view what the teams are doing, what missions teams are working on. Difficulty in allocating tasks to multiple employees, tracking their work and progress.
  • for employees: hard to access shared information across different teams. Hard to access their colleagues' information(from basic contact data to task allocation) on-site or on the field.
  • security standards and safety rules: daily chores and daily tasks are forgotten or no one knows who did what and when.

And the list could be bigger.

What we did

Octonius workplace provides a unified experience for the entire company.

Team managers, team members, HR departments, and so on — they all have one platform to manage their work.

Octonius has a very intuitive and familiar interface, so the learning curve is almost ZERO, people only need to create their workflows and get going.

Team members can see their team’s progress, they can see assigned tasks and focus on what’s important for TODAY using our INBOX ZERO technology.

Managers can track each employee's progress, they can reallocate workload if necessary, and have a dashboard to keep everything under control.

Assigning a COVID related task to 5000 employees can be difficult to deal with. Especially when you need to check who completed the task. Octonius has this problem solved.

We completed a long session of workshops (10 days) with all our healthcare clients to leverage their expertise and find common patterns. This effort led to a great solution that is now solving major problems across the industry and has applications for pharmaceutical, healthcare, automotive, and food industry.

How is this helping them?

Octonius is working to simplify daily workflows and declutter your workday. No matter how many projects or teams you’re part of, you only need to go to your INBOX and focus on what’s important TODAY.

Eliminating frictions like endless chat threads, lost messages across different silos(email, chat, project management tools), our activity feed provides an asynchronous communication channel for providing and asking for feedback.

Everything is clearly structured and people create meaningful conversations around work without effort.

Everything becomes searchable and available for every employee. No more: I wasn’t in CC | I was not assigned to this | I was not in that chat…

Our Artificial Intelligence adds a lot of value when it comes to helping you find what’s important for today and what else you can do today if you completed your urgent tasks.

Learning what’s important for each user, bringing contextual information upfront, makes finding what you need, when you need it, extremely easy.

Follow our story to learn more about how we can help your organization today.

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