Second Thoughts

This is probably going to be difficult to write-and just as difficult to read for some fans of this website-but I feel it’s necessary. I’ve been focused on some non-political, personal issues over the past few months, and the urgency of the President’s agenda, his supporters and opponents, has waned considerably.

As you probably gathered from my last video post, I’m not the staunch supporter of the President that I was during the 2016 campaign. As I said in that conversation with my mother, I looked on him as a maverick. Someone willing to buck the establishment-in its entirety-in defense of stigmatized, but widely shared, values, e.g. immigration enforcement. Even though I didn’t vote for him-or anyone, I’ve abstained from the past 3 general elections-I was more enthusiastic about his candidacy than anyone since Ron Paul’s 2012 run.

His first official appointments, particularly Stephen Miller and Jeff Sessions, were met with approval from populists outside of the official conservative movement, including myself. That said, the subsequent drift of the administration leaves much to be desired. Even though every presidency eventually succumbs to compromise, the speed with which President Trump made common cause with the people he was elected to fight is disappointing. His wholesale adoption of the foreign policy platform he rejected during the Republican primaries, and installation of traditional GOP interventionists, doesn’t instill confidence.

That said, this shouldn’t be considered an anti-Trump screed. I don’t consider myself a member of #TheResistance, and am not considering signing up to the Kathy Griffin fan club. I’ve just come to believe that there are very few political solutions to the problems we face as a nation. The disillusionment with President Trump’s actions is similar to what I experienced with President Bush-back when I was a much more mainstream conservative.

I do hope that Donald Trump’s first term is a success-by whatever metric you want to measure success-and that those who voted for him are satisfied with his presidency. I just don’t want to mislead the people who read this website, which I think I’ve been doing to some extent by not being more clear about my reservations.

I’m not sure I’ll be contributing in the same way to this website in the future, but you can still contact me by e-mail, as well as Twitter, which I check infrequently these days. I’ll try and reply as swiftly as possible.