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Happy Friday again, fine people! Ready for a weekly roundup of all things OTT and TV?

This is our weekly summary of articles about the TV industry, and its future. It’d be great if you decided to join us in our journey through the world of over-the-top technologies and more. We will share our discoveries, and we welcome you to contribute things you find/write/invent to make this world a better place, and to change the way we consume entertainment content.

This week we decided to focus on technical side of things. If you are still interested, let’s get to it:

Things behind the scenes are changing along with the feel and look of TV of the future

Periscope’s team celebrate their Birthday (Happy Birthday, Periscope! We hope it was a fun one!)

A few new things about us:

We want to thank Flávio Ribeiro for inviting us to join a great community:

Look under the hood of our great machine

If you are ready to dive in, and start running one of those machines yourself, here is how you can use Xcode workspace to develop with OddSDK

Don’t forget NAB Show is upon us. We honestly cannot wait to travel back to Las Vegas, and to meet with a lot of great people. Will you be there?

We believe we covered it all. Get in touch with us, if you have more things to share with fine people OTT world.

Want to send along your observations? It’s super easy to get in touch with us, or to send your writings along, and we’ll be happy to add them to our growing publication.

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