The 2A Community & The Police

Recently I was watching a recording of a local politician who claimed the Second Amendment community doesn’t trust the police. To say the least, I was perplexed. Apparently this politician hasn’t turned on a TV, read the news or talked to anyone outside his own little reality in the last eight years.

Here’s the actual quote:

“I recognize there are a lot of people who have a different view of police and how trustworthy they are than I do, I recognize especially a lot of those are Second Amendment folks who feel like their Constitutional rights are under siege. “

I take great offense to this, as should the rest of the Second Amendment community. Even the most cursory review of the events of the past eight years shows that time and time again, the people who are standing up for the law enforcement community, standing beside them, supporting them monetarily, emotionally and physically, in good times and bad, putting their own lives in danger and coming to their rescue in time of need, has always been the Second Amendment community.

Who hasn’t? Those who are trying to get rid of the police, disarm them — along with the rest of the community — or have their independent local police department turned over and run by the federal government. Is it the local anti-Second Amendment and anti-everything folks that contribute when the police are looking for charitable contributions? Nope, it’s the members of the Second Amendment community.

Who is the largest and longest standing trainer of law enforcement officers in this country? The National Rifle Association (NRA), who just happens to be the largest Second Amendment group in the world. Who has provided millions of dollars of grants to ranges around the country, grants that ensure the law enforcement training facilities are kept in operation, safe and up-to-date, even right here in this politician’s very home town? Yup, it’s the NRA again and all those pesky Second Amendment supporters.

Now to be fair, there are some limited exceptions to the level of trust the community gives to its local law enforcement. These exceptions occur in some communities in California, New York, and similar states where the police are used as an arm of the local political parties. Selective enforcement of laws against those the political party doesn’t approve of, and non-enforcement of laws for those the political party does approve of erodes the pubic trust and destroys the independence and credibility of the police as well as the community. Justice is supposed to be blind, but in these select areas, Justice is wearing a set of specially filtered goggles. Possibly this is the vision our local politician has for his community.

As a Second Amendment supporter and former law enforcement officer, I tend to be highly critical of those who undermine the rule of law and our Constitutional rights. Not just mine or those who believe things I believe in, but for everyone. Lumping 2A supporters in with the anti-police thugs simply because they disagree with him on the wisdom of granting undefined and unlimited new municipal authority, to the sole discretion and judgment of the local police, is a slap in the face to everyone who has always supported their local law enforcement community.

The photo accompanying this is of someone I parked next to a while back with an American flag and a Thin Blue Line flag prominently displayed on the back of his old truck. Hearing this quote reminded me of how proud the Second Amendment community is of law enforcement, as well as our nation’s Constitutionally protected rights, and how sad it is when someone tries to score cheap political points at the community’s expense.


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