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Ah, the old billionaire-promises-to-do-good-for-the-little-people con, works every time.

Some brave soul should run on a platform that would outlaw multi-billionaires.

Here’s the idea: After a person, or a family, controls more than a billion, less a dollar, they would be taxed at 100%! Though, the real kick in the head, they would not be able to trade in the “Mad as Fuck” (MAF) trading block of countries — USA, Canada, Britain and EU. Let the multi-billionaires eat cake, offshore on their private yachts.

Seriously, nobody needs a billion. How many steaks, bottles of rare scotch or super models can one guy consume? Yeah, it’s mostly guys.

Ninety-nine percent of less-than-multi-billion people need jobs to support their lifestyle of “Meatloaf Mondays”, a few beers on the weekends and being happy with their husbands or wives, children or friends for the rest of their lives. Geez, for many Meatloaf Mondays is a present-day fantasy.

I’m guessing present day multi-billionaires would threaten to take their multi-billions off shore — if the working poor threaten to want to eat too much meatloaf, with their families.

Oops, too late.

The billionaires already have TRILLIONS parked off shore. Near their yachts, no doubt. And, sure, these same people will threaten to create jobs in far away places.

Again, oops.

Let them continue, but with no access to trade with the MAF — again, if they control more than a billion, less a dollar.

I’m guessing, a lot of meatloaf eaters would suddenly want to be billionaires, less a dollar. Cool. There would suddenly be plenty of room at the top of MAF. That would be good for freeing enterprise, spurring new competition and job creation. As long as the new men and woman at the top make their billion, less a dollar, close to home, everybody is happy.

Now, if the Americans who voted for the multi-billionaire, who filled his cabinet with other multi-billionaires would write polite letters to the White House, we could all make plans to billionaires, less a dollar.

No? Wouldn’t work?

Okay, or we could all get out the door and protest, organize and support the meatloaf (or tofu) eaters trying to make a difference in real people’s lives.

And, please, rally around a leader without expecting them to have perfect control of their email servers.

Just an idea.

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