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Bigly Chinese Government Hoax

My rural uncles are affable people, in many ways. However, if on a visit to one of their farms, the conversation touched on the subject of governments, or their regulations, the mood shifted.

At best they went silent. Or they’d give me a condescending glance that could only be summed up as “oh, right, my brother’s kid is one of those city folk”. At worst, if we were in a local town bar or cafe, away from the moderating influence of one of my amazing aunts, I would receive a bitter recount of a past government misdeed — real, imagined or exaggerated. I would never argue, I knew I had already crossed a line — I lived in a city.

My personal observations tells me farmers are geniuses at their specific tasks, on their farms. They survive because they know their land, and what’s best for their part of world.

Most farmers I know are quiet, but a few are natural born comedians. They know how to make other farmers smile, laugh, and listen.

Farmers don’t like outsiders telling them anything, such as, “change your ways or your way of life will be destroyed”. Logic has nothing to do with their reaction to climate change. But perhaps a rural based comedian has a chance of breaking through the mistrust of “city facts”.

Perhaps, now that Jon Stewart is semi-retired on a farm, he can host a new program, “The Daily Farmer Show” from his barn. If Jon knowledgeably jokes about wheat prices, commodity futures and tractors he might get farmers to hear him out on climate change, and their grandkids' futures.