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Wow! The “get a hair cut” blather is so 60's & 70's. I remember my dad yelling that at me in my youth. I refused. Naturally, I’m bald now. Such is life.

As for empathy for Trump supporters. Good on you for trying. You do know you can’t fix stupid, especially if it’s old and laced with hate and bigotry? I’ve argued with stupid my entire life. Waste of time. I feel so stupid! Best to switch the TV channel, say you’ll visit another day, and exit quietly.

Don’t fuel James’ entitled old, white guy rage about being marginalized by “peace, love and understanding”. Allow him to focus on his seminar preparation — “What barbershop would Jesus frequent if he were to live in Japan today.” Sounds like an exhausting class to teach. Perhaps, James just needs extra nap time?

I’d suggest you focus your attention on the youth of Cleveland, and the USA. Statically speaking, they don’t vote. Let the Millennials know James will be flying home to his adopted country, and will be voting. He’ll probably volunteer his time to help other like minded “Triumphants” vote, too.

James lives in hope Trump will win. Then he hopes Trump will decree that everybody in the USA will be required to get the same pro-USA haircut.

I personally never liked the comb-over. The comb-over, under and around from the back is even less appealing.

Will the pro-USA Triumphant hair cut become a royal decree?! Only the USA youth vote can stop it for sure.

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