.MP4 Capture & Periscope LIVE Capture

More ways to capture content so you never miss a moment.

With the rise of demand for VOD content on Oddshot, we were working on more ways to capture non-live video using our plugin so you NEVER miss a moment. The newest update allows you to capture .mp4 video on any site you are browsing. You can take a shot by clicking on ‘Take shot’ button in the top left of the player and save it as you normally would.

Here you can see the MP4 capture in all of its glory:

.mp4 capture ‘take shot’ button demonstrated from flickr video

After seeing a large increase of ‘IRL’ live video content on our platform since the release of Twitch IRL, we have decided that Periscope stream capability would be a great new avenue to go down. Oddshot plugin now supports taking shots from Periscope.tv.

‘Take shot’ button fits nicely into the periscope controls in the bottom left

Try it for yourself! Download: bit.ly/DownloadOddshot

We’re always looking for feedback and suggestions, why don’t you tweet at us? @Oddshot_tv

Enjoy the new update!

Team Oddshot

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